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Imperial Japanese Malaya Campaign
Imperial Japanese Malaya Campaign
Why the Japanese Routed the Brits
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241 pages; 27 chapters and 3 appendixes
Imperial Japanese Malaya Campaign is an e-book that describes how a much smaller
Japanese force attacked a large, powerful British Army in Malaya. That British Army
was led by incompetent and timid officers who, in spite of their powerful “impregnable”
fortifications, soon relinquished the initiative and converted their defense into the
Imperial Japanese Malaya Campaign. In spite of their excuses and protestations to
the contrary, the
British Army in Malaya should not have been defeated in the Imperial
Japanese Malaya Campaign
. The e-book, Imperial Japanese Malaya Campaign
explains why the
British Army lost the Malaya Campaign.
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"Imperial Japanese Bicycle troops were organized separately from the infantry. The Imperial Japanese Army employed
only a comparatively small number of cyclist troops, and only in obvious maneuver situations. Most Jap bicycle troops
were used in Malaya. Indications were that most bicycles utilized were confiscated from the natives and used only in
movements behind the front lines.
Organization — The bicycle troops usually were observed in groups of 60 to 70.
Movement — No definite formation was kept in movement, but two or three were abreast and separated a few yards from
the man in front. The cyclists traveled 8 to 10 miles an hour in daytime but appeared to be in more of a hurry at night.
They also made more noise at night — as if they were somewhat nervous. About 1 in 10 carried a flashlight; about half of
the flashlights were tied on the bicycles. The movement of bicycle troops was not coordinated with motor transport except
possibly with motorcycles. The latter were seen going in the same direction as the bicycles in nearly every case but at
speeds of about 30 miles an hour. No one stood out among the cyclists as a leader, either by dress, position, or behavior,
and it was believed that their officers rode on motorcycle combinations. No scouts were observed and security
precautions appeared lax."
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Excerpt from Imperial Japanese Malaya Campaign
Imperial Japanese Malaya Campaign