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Incompetent Generals : How US Generals Failed in Vietnam
Incompetent Generals
How US Generals Failed in Vietnam
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222 pages; 13 chapters and 1 appendix
Why don’t most Americans realize that most US Army and US Marine
generals are incompetent
? It is a mystery. Perhaps one explanation exists
in the facts surrounding the decay of US military ground force generalship
since the Korean War, compounded by the military ignorance of anyone
capable of writing a coherent critique.
Incompetent Generals begins by
identifying certain strange behavior patterns common to most conventional
generals in Vietnam
. It is those behavior patterns, a form of leadership
pathology or anti-military psychosis, that seized the US generals in
and created yet another gang of incompetent generals. The
behavior of numerous incompetent generals still exist within
the US military in 2007, except now they have deteriorated to the extent that
the US military now has the worst generals in the world.
describes the length and breath of US incompetent generalship
in Vietnam
that plummeted to the lowest nadir yet encountered up to that
time. Ironically, America’s current crop of conventional generals is even worse.
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“For a decade before the commitment of US conventional forces in Vietnam, US generals had been systematically
exposed to the views of America's eastern establishment, leftist elite. That elite, born into wealth and influence, fortified by
attendance at prestige American universities and awarded the best jobs in government, harbored a unique ideology. That
ideology was taught to American generals at places like Harvard and Yale where they learned the ideas of a decadent
mandarin caste. Premier among those ideas was the belief that America's military was essentially a servile, mediocre
collection of lower class brutes, unimaginative enough to be left to their own devices and yet useful as builders or toilers in
From World War II forward, America's generals were corrupted by the establishment elite through a simple process. The
elite simply removed any generals who acted like warriors, and rapidly promoted those who prostrated themselves before
establishment values. The power of the leftist establishment over the military became total with the arrival of Robert
McNamara as Secretary of Defense. Henceforth, efforts to totally suppress distinctly military intellectualism were a total
Although the incompetent McNamara heaped insults and disrespect on American generals, they never publicly rebelled.
In 2005-2007, a number of US generals rebelled against a very superior Secretary of Defense and even their commander
in chief. Why? Current US generals have become totally corrupted leftist bureaucrats.
American generals were taught, from their military academy beginnings, that business management, engineering and
technology was deserving of respect above all other considerations.  They were taught that generals should perceive
themselves as executives, and diplomats, anything but warriors. The process of combat and maneuver was disdained as
crude, while stand off bombardment firepower and push button warfare was extolled as modern and businesslike.  Soon
all generals were attending special courses at Harvard where they were conditioned to admire and act out establishment
biases. At the same time, many social interactions were arranged with establishment bureaucrats, jurists, academicians,
scientists, and businessmen. There the generals were evaluated as they tried to prove that they could function as
executives, not warriors.“
Excerpt from Incompetent Generals
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Incompetent Generals : How US Generals Failed in Vietnam