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Incompetent Generals of Gulf War 1
Incompetent Generals of Gulf War I
The Gulf War I Cover Up
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277 pages; 11 chapters and 4 appendixes
Gulf War I is lauded as a time when America’s conventional army proved
itself, finally, as a
lethal armed force. Of course, the conventional US
Army of the 1990s
was a hundred times more professional than the
defeatist, politicized force now serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.
What really
happened in Gulf War I?
There are many questions that will never be
truthfully answered about Operation Desert Storm. However,
QuikManeuvers.com answers some of them in
Incompetent Generals of
Gulf War I
. There were several incompetent generals of Gulf War I
who behaved like the unsuitable amateurs that they really are.
Incompetent Generals of Gulf War I describes the vanguard of the
cliques of fools and traitors that now are
ruining the US armed forces.
All the rot in
America’s armed forces was begun when certain generals
were promoted for political reasons during or before
Gulf War I. Those
craven incompetents and backstabbers repaid their benefactors by
beginning the demolition of America’s defense.
Incompetent Generals of
Gulf War I
describes how it all began, and the devious tricks they pulled
against the American people.
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“Within the US armed forces there has always been a strong antipathy towards elite or special warfare combat units. In
Vietnam, the overall commander of US troops, General Abrams, was so hostile to Special Forces that he tried to
dismantle the organization on more than one occasion. He continued his partially successful vendetta after the Vietnam
War. Abrams, a man with serious emotional problems, which have been covered up by his friends, was furious because
Special Forces operations within Indochina were not fully controlled by his headquarters. For example, he was not
informed about the important Son Tay raid until after it was over. As Army Chief of Staff after the Vietnam War, Abrams
allied himself with anti-special forces elements within the US Navy in a nearly successful effort to dismantle all of
America's special warfare assets. During Abram's stupid destructive attacks upon US Army Special Forces, many
important special warfare records were destroyed. "...Pre- and post-Vietnam records--including the organization's after-
action reports, lesson plans, and even class graduation lists from the Special Warfare School-- were thrown away by the
boxful..." One researcher reported discovering, "...several file cabinets containing classified CNN after-action reports
sitting in a garbage dumpster..." at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.  However, the effort to destroy the US Army Special
Forces failed.
As time has passed most American military commanders remained simultaneously ignorant about, and hostile towards,
special operations. "...Few American generals and admirals are trained in special operations or have anything but a
nodding acquaintance with its form of warfare. Until recently, commando units were excluded from major military exercises
and war games. Special operations missions are still not included in many of the contingency plans of conventional
General Schwarzkopf, an admirer of General Creighton Abrams,  shared his preference for armored warfare, antagonism
towards the Special Forces and even copied Abrams' obnoxious/tyrannical behavior. "No one nurtured the animosity
(towards special operations) more than CENTCOM's commander, General H. Norman Schwarzkopf III. 'Stormin' Norman'
Schwarzkopf despised special operators. In an Army now giddy over light divisions and paratroopers, Schwarzkopf was
somewhat of an anachronism--a tank officer whose first love was heavy armored units..." He was in many ways a very
stupid man. Yet, compared to General Colin Powell he was a genius.”
Excerpt from Incompetent Generals of Gulf War I
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