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Indian Intelligence on Muslim Terrorists
Indian Intelligence on Muslim Terrorists
Hindu Intelligence on Muslim Terrorism
© 2006
125 pages; 10 chapters
The huge sub continent of India has a number of Hindu intelligence analysts and
that are knowledgeable enough, and hard nosed enough, to look at muslim
terrorism realistically
. Indian Intelligence on Muslim Terrorists is a collection of
reports on muslim terrorism by Hindu intelligence analysts
. Naturally, some of the
reports are too critical of the US and should be held in suspicion for that reason. However,
all of the
Indian intelligence reports in Indian Intelligence on Muslim Terrorists
provide interesting, d
ivergent ways of looking at muslim terrorism and Pakistan, the
mother of all muslim terrorist sanctuaries. Those of us who are interested in muslim
imperialism and it tool for seizing power, terrorism,
cannot afford to ignore the opinions
and ideas of Hindu intelligence analysts as described in
Indian Intelligence on
Muslim Terrorists
. They provide information that is unknown or ignored by American
intelligence and federal politicos.
“Pakistan clandestinely helping Iran before 2002 in its efforts to acquire a clandestine military nuclear capability in return
for Iranian funding of its own military nuclear programme.
Since February 2002, Pakistan has been clandestinely collaborating with the USA in its efforts to destroy Iran's nuclear
capability through a joint operation to be mounted by the US and Israel with intelligence supplied by Pakistan.
Pakistan clandestinely helping Osama bin Laden's Al Qaeda and the International Islamic Front (IIF) and the Taliban in
acquiring a capability for terrorism for using them against India before 9/11.
After 9/11, it has been openly and clandestinely helping the USA in its operations against them in return for handsome
economic and military packages.
Clandestinely helping the survivors of these organisations to re-organise their capability for continued use against India.
Clandestinely helping the Saddam Hussein regime in transferring the evidence of its WMD programmes to Pakistan for
safe custody.
Clandestinely co-operating with the USA for strengthening its puppet Alawi regime in Baghdad and for mobilising the Iraqi
diaspora in other countries to register themselves as Iraqis and participate in absentee ballotting in support of Alawi in
order to get him a respectable total just it had mobilised the Pashtun votes on both sides of the Pakistan-Afghanistan
border in support of Hamid Karzai in return for a US $ 1.3 billion military package from the US.”
Excerpt from Indian Intelligence on Muslim Terrorists
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