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Infantry and Panzer Tactics on Eastern Front in World War II
Infantry and Panzer Tactics
Primal Combat on the Eastern Front
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258 pages; 15 chapters
Infantry and Panzer Tactics is an e-book about small unit actions during the
war on the
Eastern Front in World War II. The material is made up of
information solicited from
German Army generals after World War II. Many of
German Army generals had been traitors against their own nation during
the war and their reports of
Infantry and Panzer Tactics are slanted to the left.
There is no mention of the exploits of
German Waffen SS formations during
World War II
in the overwhelming majority of German Army general’s reports.
It is certain however that most of the generals had an adequate grasp of
Infantry and Panzer Tactics although they hardly understood Operational Art,
especially as it unfolded on the
Eastern Front. Infantry and Panzer Tactics
provides numerous combat examples of how small units of
German infantry
and panzers, fought on the Eastern Front in World War II
. Infantry and
Panzer Tactics
includes charts and many maps.
Review Table of Contents
“Anticipating an early resumption of the Russian offensive, the German corps commander organized a task force of 40
tanks and armored infantry with personnel carriers and held it in reserve at a centrally located point about 10 miles from
the river. Assembly areas for a counterattack and approach routes to the river line were carefully reconnoitered and extra
fuel was loaded onto all vehicles.
At 2200 on 1 June 1944, the Russians attacked in force across the river and quickly established a bridgehead 3 to 5
miles deep and about 7 miles wide. The German task force was immediately alerted to counterattack at dawn in
conjunction with the infantry that had been pushed back from the river line.
The German counterblow began with an artillery preparation. At first the tanks encountered heavy fire from Russian
antitank guns, but, once these were neutralized, the German counterattack made good progress, and the Russian
infantry was routed from its unfinished field fortifications along the bridgehead perimeter.”
Excerpt from Infantry and Panzer Tactics
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Infantry and Panzer Tactics on Eastern Front in World War II