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Inside the German General Staff, WorldWarII
Inside the German General Staff
Wehrmacht General Staff Sabotage
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328 pages; 22 chapters and 2 appendix
Inside the German General Staff is a unique e-book that is the most
comprehensive document explaining the
German General Staff extant. All other
German General Staff books only scratch the surface and ignore the real story of
what went on inside
the German General Staff during World War II. The e-book
Inside the German General Staff tells it all, how the German General Staff was
organized, supposed to function, and actually functioned. Most importantly,
the German General Staff
covers areas of historical fact ignored by other authors
who have written about the
World War II German General Staff. The betrayal and
insidious sabotage of German military operations by a treason-ridden
World War II
German General Staff
is described with no holds barred. If you are looking for
facts, and not politically correct fantasy, then you should read
Inside the German
General Staff.
Review Table of Contents
“High level German traitors were directly responsible for all of the major German military defeats, including Stalingrad.
The Werther spy ring, operating inside the German General Staff, was never unmasked, and its major participants
remain unknown even until today.
Complementing the Werther spy ring was one established by Major Hausamann of the Swiss General Staff.
Hausamann's, "...informers were established in Germany's top military commands...he had contacts even among Hitler's
closest entourage." The Swiss spy received reports from, "...departments of OKW and of the Commander-in-chief
Training Army. He received reports about current military operations in France and Italy, operations of the Luftwaffe, and
economic news. Troop transfers, the situation in German training units, details of special training courses and training
areas--all these were his daily bread. Lists of men killed in action and casualty totals were passed on to the Swiss High
Command by Hausamann almost daily in great detail." A Soviet spy ring in "neutral" Switzerland was tied in with the
Hausamann net and relayed his data to Moscow daily also.
The magnitude of the hemorrhage of German military secrets was stunning in its size, continuity, precision and
timeliness. Soviet spy headquarters, "Director," in Moscow was told everything necessary before the Germans even
began to move their troop units.
The betrayal of German operational plans extended right up to the end of the war. Ten days before the 6th SS Panzer
Army began its Lake Balaton offensive in March 1945, for example, the Soviets knew of the German intention to attack.
This prior warning enabled the Soviets to erect a deeply echeloned defense in depth: "A defense of a combined arms
nature integrating armor, antitank guns, and artillery." That sophisticated defense in depth was backed up by the 9th
Soviet Guards Army with nine elite guards airborne divisions, along with two tank corps, two mechanized corps and a
cavalry corps. When the German panzer army attacked the deep Soviet defensive array it was dashed to pieces. The
end of the war followed two months later.”
Excerpt from Inside the German General Staff
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