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Inside Special Operations Forces  - Elite Reconnaissance / Diversionary Spearheads
Inside Special Operations Forces
Elite Reconnaissance / Diversionary Spearheads
© 2007
245 pages; 12 chapters and 2 appendices
Inside Special Operations Forces reveals the real story of America’s
Special Forces and Elite Reconnaissance / Diversionary Spearheads.
For decades American Special Operations Forces, especially
US Army Special Forces
have been the finest fighting men America has
ever fielded.
US Operations Forces and Elite Reconnaissance /
Diversionary Spearheads
have easily beaten back so many of America’s
enemies. However,
US Army Special Forces’ most dangerous enemies
are domestic traitors and subversives who are currently working through their
insidious comrades within the
US Armed Forces to destroy the
US Army Special Forces by lawfare, phony “ethics”, and constricting
rules of engagement. Those subversive tools are used to micro-manage
and entrap
US Army Special Forces in political set-ups such as false
charges of torture, murder, or embezzlement to name a few.
Inside Special Operations Forces describes the first overt subversive
maneuvers carried out by domestic
traitors against US Army Special Forces during the Vietnam War. The fight
to destroy
US Army Special Forces has been going on for over fifty years. The enemies of America’s first line
of defense are introduced in
Inside Special Operations Forces. From the beginning, they have gotten away
with treason.
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“Every morning during the Second Indochina War, an envelope was delivered from SOG (secret US special warfare group
that operated inside Laos and Cambodia) headquarters to an ARVN (South Vietnamese Army) headquarters. The
envelope contained the previous night's SOG recon team reports, including their exact location on the map by grid
coordinates. This information was given to that South Vietnamese headquarters in spite of US knowledge that the ARVN
unit was riddled with communist spies. It was given to ARVN headquarters in spite of US knowledge that too many SOG
operations had been compromised and too many men killed because of treachery. Such bizarre behavior was touted as a
diplomatic courtesy, since Americans were "only guests in South Vietnam."
US intelligence frequently intercepted messages from Hanoi to North Vietnamese Army field units. These messages gave
the exact coordinates of SOG recon team locations in Laos and Cambodia. In October 1970, NVA radio messages were
intercepted announcing the location of a just-landed recon teams and the landing zones of recon teams which had not
yet landed. When such SOG recon teams were discovered to be compromised and were then ordered to immediately be
extracted, the NVA was notified of that too.”
Excerpt from Inside Special Operations Forces
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Inside Special Operations Forces  - Elite Reconnaissance / Diversionary Spearheads