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Intelligence Analytic Tools, Military Intelligence Units in Iraq
Intelligence Analytic Tools
Military Intelligence, Iraq
© 2006
149 pages; 7 chapters
For the past 50 years, America has had almost no effective
intelligence analysis and collection capability
. Hundreds of
billions of dollars have been spent as money down the rat-hole of
stupidity, ignorance, and treason.  For the past three years
Iraq, military intelligence has failed again
, in spite of the fact
that there are
dozens of military intelligence battalions and
skulking around. Now, the intelligence units in Iraq
have desperately decided to use well-worn American police
methods that have proven to be only minimally successful in
America’s urban jungles.
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“The Red Army Faction is the best organized and contained successor of the Baader-Meinhof group. Its core
membership consists primarily of radical lawyers, clerks from their law offices, and other affluent and professional people
including teachers, artists, and photographers. A substantial number of their members are trained in the Middle East and
the group has extensive contacts with other terrorist groups and support elements in Germany, France, Switzerland,
Holland, Denmark, Austria, Ireland, and Italy. RAF members have assisted the Japanese Red Army and participated in
operations staged by the Carlos Group and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). One RAF member
was arrested in the United States in July 1978. 7be RAF professes a nominal Marxist Leninist Communism and appears
dedicated to "armed anti-imperialist revolution." Its targets have been Federal Court Justices and prominent business
leaders. Its carefully planned actions come in retribution to the legal system. As ransom, the group consistently demands
the release of Baader-Meinhof Gang defendants. RAF propaganda gives little indication of the group's long term goals
other than disruption and the overthrow of the Federal Republic.”
Excerpt from Intelligence Analytic Tools
only $
Military Intelligence Analysis in Iraq
The essence of current American intelligence operations in Iraq consists of pattern analysis. Few to none of the
military intelligence units in Iraq are running any human intelligence (HUMIT) networks anywhere. However, they are able
to spin out reams of bullshit in which fantastic stories are made up, and the most simple facts caveated.
Analytic Tools
examines in grim detail the variety of intelligence analysis tools used by intelligence units and
agencies in Iraq
. The reader will be amazed at the convulsed micro-intellectual processes of other methods of
intelligence analysis in Iraq
. This revealing book will enable the reader to understand how American intelligence, an
oxymoron of course (and I mean to say moronic oxen), “thinks and operates”.
Intelligence Analytic Tools will open the
door for the reader to peer inside,
aghast at military intelligence in Iraq.
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