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Espionage & Intelligence E Books For Sale
Espionage & Intelligence E-Books
Al Qaeda Terror Training Manual
Secrets of Al Qaeda Terrorism

American Vietnam War Traitors
How Traitorous Leftist Politicians, Media and the
Democratic Party Sabotaged America During The Vietnam War

British Army Counter Terror Concepts
Subversion of a Military Elite

CIA Analysts, an Expose
How CIA Analysts Sabotage US Intelligence

CIA Deception Maxims
The Central Intelligence Agency's Approach to Deception

CIA Lock Picking
Operative Training Manual

CIA Secrets
Inside the CIA

Combat Intelligence Iraq – Volume 1
Military Intelligence Methods, Iraq

Combat Intelligence Iraq – Volume 2
Military Intelligence Methods, Iraq

Counter Espionage, Hunting Spies
Counter Intelligence and Tracking Enemy Spies

Counter Spy
Counter Intelligence Action

Counter Terrorist Intelligence
Intelligence Collection, Terrorist Uprising

Cryptanalysis Made Easy
The Art and Science of Solving Codes and Ciphers

Divine Manipulation of the Threads
Espionage's Grim Secrets

Double Meaning / Triple Cross
The Craft of Deception; a Psychological Handbook

Electronic Bugging and Debugging
Leftist Terrorists and Electronic Monitoring (edited by Wolf Steiner)

Espionage Manual #1 - Soviet Spy Methods
The Most Effective of Spy Agency Methodology

Espionage Manual #2 - Hindu vs. Muslim Espionage
Pakistan's ISI Spies are Defeating India's Spies

Espionage Manual #3 - Chinese Communist Espionage
Red Chinese Espionage in America

Espionage Manual #4 - Aspects of Counter Intelligence
Counter Intelligence Techniques

Espionage Manual #5 - Spy Interrogation
Interrogating Spies and Terrorists

Espionage Manual #6 - Soviet Defector and Tradecraft
Secret Report of a Soviet Defector

Espionage Manual #7 - Active Measures
Soviet Espionage & Subversion

Espionage Manual #8 – Red Residentura
Soviet Spy Net Tradecraft

Espionage Manual #9 – Soviet Spy Tradecraft
Guidelines for Spying

Espionage Manual #10 – Secrets of KGB Spy Tradecraft
KGB Spy Tradecraft Methods

Espionage Manual #11 – International Spy Tradecraft
Foreign Spy Methods

Espionage Manual #12 – Russian Spy Tricks
Modern Russian Espionage and Deception

Espionage Manual #13 – Achtung Abwehr
German Intelligence, World War II

Espionage Manual #14 - GRU Training & Tradecraft
Soviet Military Intelligence

Espionage Manual #15 - Tricking the CIA
Soviet Moles & Deceptions

Espionage Manual #16 - Soviet Subversion of Germany
How Soviet Espionage Replaced Failed Revolution

Espionage Manual #17 - Communist Spy Chief
Red Orchestra’s Birth

Espionage Manual #18 - Communist Spy Webs
Red Apparats, Germany

Espionage Manual #19 - Esp. Manual for Amateurs
US Government’s Bureaucratic Espionage

Espionage Manual #20 - Double Agents & Penetration
Aspects of Agent Handling

Espionage Manual #21 - Defectors
CIA Mismanagement of Defectors

Espionage Manual #22 - Soviet Spy Purges
Purges Effect on Soviet Spying

Espionage Manual #23 – Spy Secret Communication
Spy Messaging Tradecraft

Espionage Manual # 24 - Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence
The ISI, Enemy of the West

Espionage Manual # 25 - Stasi’s Strange Story
Stasi: East German Spy Agency

Espionage Manual # 26 - British Intelligence
British Espionage Struggles

Espionage Manual # 27 - Spy Management Tradecraft
Soviet Agent Handling

Espionage Manual # 28 - CIA in the Orient
CIA Weakness Exploited: 1959-2005

Espionage Manual # 29 - CIA Research Mindset
CIA Escapist Thinking

Espionage Manual # 30 - NKVD Soviet Espionage
How NKVD Spies Changed the World

Espionage Manual # 31 - Commie Spies, US Traitors
Red Espionage and Leftist Traitors

Espionage Manual #32 - Spy Tradecraft & Agent Handling
How To Set-Up a Spy Agency

Espionage Man. # 33 - Czechoslovak Military Intelligence
Tradecraft Lessons, World War 2

Espionage Manual # 34 - Polish Espionage Secrets
Polish Intelligence, World War II

Espionage Manual # 35 - Inside Russian Espionage
Russian Defectors' Revelations

Espionage Manual # 36 - Soviet GRU Spy Cover
GRU Civilian Cover

Espionage Manual # 37 - KGB Opportunistic Intelligence
KGB Manual for Dealing with Walk-Ins

Espionage Manual # 38 - Double Agent Operations and
CIA Amateurism
US vs. Soviet Double Agent Management

Espionage Manual # 39 - Soviet Handling of Swedish
GRU Tradecraft: Swedish Military Spies

Espionage Manual # 40 - Soviet Spy Revelations
Disproving Pro-Soviet Lies

Espionage Manual #41 - What We Learned From Spies
Coping in Communist America

Espionage Spycraft
A Spy’s Introductory Guide

Exposing American Intelligence
Muslim Report on US Intelligence

FBI Counterespionage Failure
Chinese Communist Outsmart the Bumbling FBI

FBI Treason Conspiracy
Muslim Subversion and FBI Treachery

Five Dictatorships’ Armed Forces
The Armed Forces of China, Cuba, Syria, Libya and Angola

German Army SIGINT
German Traffic Analysis of Soviet Communications

German Battlefield Intelligence
Secrets of Frontline German Army Intelligence

The German Spy System
An Influential and Skilled Espionage Model

Gestapo Counter Espionage
The Gestapo Fights Red Spies

Hezbollah’s False Victory
Israel’s Raid Into Lebanon, 2006

Hiding Evidence
Leftist Forensic Methods (edited by Wolf Steiner)

Hitler’s Commandos
Abwehr Brandenburg Special Operations

How Traitors Betrayed Rhodesia
Backstabbing in Africa

Principles of Human Intelligence

HUMINT and War
HUMINT Concepts and Tactics

Imperial Japanese Espionage
Shadows of Imperial Japan

In Stalin’s Secret Service
Expose of Soviet Secret Policy

Indian Intelligence on Muslim Terrorists
Hindu Intelligence on Muslim Terrorism

Indian Special Forces Combat Diary
RAW Special Recon Field Agents

Intelligence Analytic Tools
Military Intelligence, Iraq

Intelligence Interrogation
US Army Interrogation Procedures

Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield
US Army’s IPB, Defective Crutch for Amateurs

Interrogating Soviet Spies
German Intelligence on the Eastern Front

IRA and British Intelligence
The Street Shadow War

IRA’s General Michael Collins
IRA, Michael Collins and Bloody Sunday

The IRA vs. the British
The British Army that Fought the IRA

Israeli Targeted Liquidation
Secret Israeli Anti-Terror Tactic

Japanese Spy/Saboteur Infiltration, 1930s
2010 Islamic Infiltrators Use Same Tactics

KGB Spy Secrets
Soviet Espionage Methods

Lone Wolf Sabotage
Leftist Technical Assaults (edited by Wolf Steiner)

Man Tracking
An Introduction to Tracking Human Quarry

Military Intel Unveiled
Eternal Verities of War

Military Intelligence Templating
Military Intelligence Battlefield Failures

Mirror Imaging
The CIA's Espionage Psychology

Moscow Rules
KGB Clandestinity Methods

Mossad’s Espionage
Israeli Intelligence and Muslim Imperialism

National Security Agency, Echelon
Secret NSA Communications Intelligence

NKVD Secret Police
NKVD Mass Murder and Wet Ops

NKVD Special Operations
NKVD East Front Military Desant

NKVD Terror
Soviet Secret Police Murder & Mayhem

Organizing a Subversive Underground
How to Create an Insurgency

Political Warfare Trickery
Leftist Tactics of Disruption (edited by Wolf Steiner)

Pursuit Commandos
The French Army Defeats Muslim Terrorism Algerian FLN, 1954-62

Reconnaissance in Iraq
HUMINT Defeats Netcentric War

Red Intelligence: Vietnam War
Communist Vietnam War Espionage

Red Terror's Bloody Reprisal
Communist Terrorism, Kharkov: 1941-43

A Rotted Traitor’s Edifice
Secrets of the Abwehr German Intelligence Agency

Covert Destruction of Property

Scouts and Reconnaissance
Combat Reconnaissance Since 1914

Secret Document Access
Spy Flaps and Seals Manual

Secret Pentagon Intelligence
The Intelligence Support Activity

Secrets of Japanese Espionage
Japanese Secret Societies and Military Intelligence, WW2

Shadow War, Russia
German Army Counter Intelligence (on the Eastern Front)

Skorzeny: Waffen SS Commando
Otto Skorzeny, Warrior Extraordinaire

Soviet Pre-WW2 Spy Nets
Stalin’s Spin of What They Revealed

Soviet SpyMaster Manual
Red Spy Webs, How-To

Soviet Spy Manual: Target America
How the Reds Perceive Americans

Special Forces Cryptology Course
Codes and Ciphers

Special Operations Executive Disguise Manual
World War II British Spy Tradecraft

Spy Report, KGB
A CIA Agent Neutralized

Surveillance Manual 2006
Leftists and Police Surveillance (edited by Wolf Steiner)

Tao of Torture
Communist Interrogation and Exploitation of US POWs

Terror and Sabotage
Leftist Terrorist Tactics (edited by Wolf Steiner)

Tradecraft Primer: US Intelligence
CIA Amateur Methods Replace HUMINT

Traitors in the CIA
Traditional Incompetence or Disloyalty?

Traitors of the Third Reich
Why Germany Lost World War II

Underground Subversive Operations
Shaping Ideology and Subversion

US Intelligence: Vietnam War
Incompetent Espionage

US Long Range Reconnaissance

US Military Intelligence Failure
US Military Intelligence Collapse

Vengeance: American Resistance 2
Minutemen Intelligence and Security Manual

War Clandestinity
Revolutionary Cellular Networks

Women Spies
From the Okhrana to the Abwehr

World War 2 Axis Interrogation
German and Japanese Interrogation
Intelligence E Books For Sale
Reveals All There is
To Know About The
A terrible record of
intelligence failure has
plagued the CIA for
decades. Years of
espionage research,
footnoted in several
QuikManeuvers books,
trace those serpentine
failures with startlingly
explicit evidence.

A Byzantine underworld of
complex psychological
factors constricts CIA
operations. That snarled
and twisted underworld is a
tangled skein whose
mirrored finish reveals the
US intelligence community
as a grotesque facade,
masking a coterie of
ineffective bureaucratic
cliques. Those cliques
exhibit several irrelevant
and bizarre mindsets, not
the least of which is mirror-

Intended for general
readers, QuikManeuvers’
espionage books facilitate
understanding of
espionage. Beginning with
a description of the
historical antecedents of
modern espionage, the
processes necessary for
thinking like a spy are
presented in a highly
readable format.

Comprehensible espionage
reasoning-style is
contrasted with the CIA's
academic research,
scientific modeling, and
cognitive pathologies. A
shocking dependence
upon machines for "bean
counting" is exposed as the
basic problem solving
approach underlying all CIA
operations. The CIA's false
science, obsessed with
capabilities at the expense
of intentions, forms the
basic prejudice from which
the CIA bureaucracy
shapes its insufficient
intelligence products.
Hypothesizing is used to
compensate for a lack of
intelligence information.
The veil is lifted from an
agency that has lost its
soul in the mirrored swamp
of thought-stopping.

A series of well-
QuikManeuvers’ books
minutely detail the CIA's
institutional: origins,
outlook, doctrine, cliques,
operational methods, and
ceaseless failure.
Shrouded facts about the
thinking and behavior of
CIA insiders, revealed
during the sensational
Team B scandal, are
precisely recounted.
Suspicions of
incompetence are

The reasons for the CIA’s
aversion to human assets
is contrasted with more
effective KGB and Mossad
espionage doctrines.
Reinforcing that thrust,
demystification of
maneuver espionage
affords the reader sure-
footing for wading through
the convoluted mire of
misconceptions that
impede understanding the

A description of highly
placed traitors, or Soviet
"moles," working from within
American intelligence,
diplomatic and military
circles, is unavoidable.
Their insidious patterns are
revealed by torturously
shadowing the spoor of
accused CIA moles like
Stansfield Turner and
William Colby. That
evidence is juxtaposed
against proof of strange
relationships and working
agreements involving CIA,
State Department, and
Soviet intelligence cliques.  

Insufficiencies of the CIA
analyst system and its
strange relationships to
inadequate space-based
intelligence are unveiled in
detailed chapters. CIA
cover-ups, including
examples of public
propaganda by CIA-
influenced journalists, are
reported as never before.
Not forgotten is grim
confirmation of CIA internal
inconsistencies including:
disarmament advocacy,
deception susceptibility,
and love-fear relationships
with the Soviet KGB.

publications present rare,
hard-to-get espionage
information, along with the
simple tools for becoming a
spymaster. Provided with
continuous decision-
information, the reader
becomes an espionage
agent (or even the
equivalent of a spymaster),
using the methods of
Sherlock Holmes and Jesus
Angleton to painstakingly
unravel the CIA's
psychological secrets.
Publishers of Electronic Books on Warfighting and Espionage
Espionage Course
Due to the overwhelming
popularity of
espionage manuals,
QuikManeuvers has
a new comprehensive
espionage course. This
military intelligence and
espionage focused
basic study espionage
contains nine
subcourses, each with
practical information and
details about how to
conduct particular tasks of
military intelligence
collection, analysis and
The subcourse material is
culled from current and
military intelligence
and espionage training
, edited for
practical use in today's
volatile political climate.

The student will learn from
reading the espionage
course material. To test
their own absorption of the
subcourse material,
students can then test with
included "practice
questions" and check
their responses against
provided answers.

This is your opportunity
to learn from actual
military intelligence and
espionage training
materials to increase
your acumen in the field
of espionage and
Basic Course
includes the following

Intel Collection

Interrogation Screening

Interrogation Questioning

Investigative Interviews

Intelligence Information

Intelligence Officer

Introduction to Intelligence

Intelligence Preparation of the

Introduction to Order of Battle
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Espionage & Intelligence E-Books for Sale
Check out an actual
Magazine Article
from 1931 on the
Scientific Tricks of
Master Spies
Espionage & Intelligence E-Books for Sale
Espionage & Intelligence E-Books for Sale
Espionage & Intelligence E-Books for Sale
Espionage & Intelligence E-Books for Sale
Espionage & Intelligence E-Books for Sale
Espionage & Intelligence E-Books for Sale
Espionage & Intelligence E-Books for Sale
Espionage & Intelligence E-Books for Sale
Espionage & Intelligence E-Books for Sale
Espionage & Intelligence E-Books for Sale