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Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield
Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield
US Army’s IPB, Defective Crutch for Amateurs
© 2008
253 pages; 16 chapters and 2 appendix
Ever since World War II, America’s well-equipped Military Intelligence (MI)
service has been an utter failure. For decades the most incompetent
affirmative action generals in the
US Army have been assigned to control
Military Intelligence. Incompetent leadership by people who have no idea
of what
intelligence is, has caused MI to embrace one stupid self-defeating
system after another. Now they are using
Intelligence Preparation of the
a defective crutch for intelligence amateurs. Intelligence
Preparation of the Battlefield
is an e-book that describes how
Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield has totally neutralized MI
during the past 30 years, and why
MI will not turn it loose. Intelligence
Preparation of the Battlefield
is also an e-book that explains in detail how
Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield system works, the bizarre
psychology of the
US Army Military Intelligence, and why they won’t ever
get rid of a system that has caused American defeats from post-Vietnam to
Iraq and Afghanistan. Only in a bureaucratic, unpatriotic system like the
would such a ruinous system be maintained, in spite of its proven
failure to function for decades. Read the e-book
Intelligence Preparation
of the Battlefield
and learn some strange facts that will leave you open-
mouthed in shock.
Review Table of Contents
"Early in the 1992-93 Clintonista Somalia crisis, one Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) officer noted that the J2
Intelligence Officer of the American forces attempted to apply the same system used to portray the Iraqi order of battle. He
was surprise since that system had failed so completely during Gulf War I. The system was Intelligence Preparation of the
Battlefield (IPB).
The DIA officer subsequently stated: “When we entered Somalia in December 1992, we had a one-line database on the
military forces there. Our attempt to use standard collection means and strategies was only partially successful because
these conventional means could not deliver the kind of specific information we wanted. There were no Somali motorized
rifle or tank divisions, no air defense system, no navy, and no air force.” Therefore, the IPB was not appropriate. Yet the
Military Intelligence officer used IPB because that is all he knew how to do. The result was repeated failure as Mogadishu’s
primitive tribesmen repeatedly outmaneuvered,  surprised and killed the US Army’s high technology elite in urban combat.
That Special Forces (Delta Force, Rangers and Helicopter) and regular army (10th Mountain Division) elite was equipped
with everything it needed, except tanks.
Failures of Military Intelligence (MI) that had been occurring uncorrected for past decades were even worse in Somalia as
the ill-conceived IPB system lay wheezing in embarrassment. US mouth-breathing MI personnel continued to manipulate
the IPB and once again US combat forces in a desperate situation functioned without much useful intelligence.
In Afghanistan and Iraq (2003-2008) it’s the same old story of Army Military Intelligence failure, that failure is spearheaded
by the Rube Goldberg system known as Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield which is manipulated by an even more
disastrous US Military Intelligence service."
Excerpt from Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield

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Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield - IPB