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IRA and British Intelligence: British Intelligence and IRA Tactics
IRA and British Intelligence
The Street Shadow War
© 2008
121 pages; 17 chapters and 1 appendix
IRA and British Intelligence is an e-book that describes the street shadow war
of the IRA
and its Marxist allies against the British people. In the gloom and
darkness of furtive acts carried out along dimly lit byways, a vast
intelligence war
was conducted. The
British did a great job of winning that intelligence war
against the IRA
. IRA and British Intelligence introduces the reader to how
British intelligence beat the IRA
. It is the first of several shockingly explicit
QuikManeuvers.com books on British Intelligence and IRA tactics. Those willing to
look for the truth beyond the bodyguard of leftist lies surrounding “the Troubles” will
marvel at the extent and cleverness of
British intelligence. Compared to them, US
intelligence agencies are nothing more than cynically phony, games-playing
bureaucrats. Seek the truth in
IRA and British Intelligence and you will find it in
the first of QuikManeuvers.com's new series about
British Intelligence and IRA
"The British Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir John Stevens, had wanted to interview the man, codenamed
'Stakeknife', over his role in murders and abductions in Northern Ireland. Of course such an interview would reveal not
only Stakeknife’s real name, but also top secret information about the inner working of British intelligence. Such
revelations would aid both the IRA and other British national enemies. Of course such exposes’ of British intelligence are
calculated to harm it, much as the leftistist media in the USA harmed American intelligence efforts in Iraq.
There are many conflicting reports about 'Stakeknife' and his movements. One suggestion was that he had been spirited
out on Friday night by his army handlers after claims surfaced that he would be named by the leftist Dublin media.
Another former British Army agent, who operated under the pseudonym Kevin Fulton, threatened to reveal Stakeknife's
identity as part of his battle with the authorities for compensation. Like Stakeknife, Fulton was also a British army mole
and agent of influence within the IRA.
Security and republican sources told leftist British newspapers that they believed Stakeknife, a penetration agent who
earned the equivalent salary of a British Cabinet Minister, would not be allowed to be exposed by leftist press villification.  
Such treatment would cause future potential British infiltrators to balk because of press-inspired distrust of  British
intelligence. In Britain, like America, the leftist media is the enemy of competent national espionage and special warfare."
Excerpt from IRA and British Intelligence
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IRA and British Intelligence: British Intelligence and IRA Tactics