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IRA Green Book - Irish Republican Army Terrorism Manual
IRA Green Book
Irish Republican Army Terrorism Manual
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56 pages; 5 chapters
The Irish Republican Army (IRA), the most successful European
terrorist organization
, has proved for decades what a few brave Celts can
do, in a fight to the finish. The IRA’s bravery and ruthlessness has been a
model for downtrodden sons of Europe throughout the world. When new
recruits come into the IRA, the first training they get is a read of the
Green Book
, the Irish Republican Army’s very own terror manual.
IRA Green Book provides both an introduction to the Irish
Republican Army’s way of life
and a run down on the things that a new
recruit must know in order to begin his terrorism apprenticeship. Beyond
being an introductory terrorism manual, the
IRA Green Book is also a
distilled presentation of the mission and psychology of the Irish
Republican Army
Review Table of Contents
“The Green Book is the IRA Terror Manual which is issued to all new recruits. Due to the fact that the IRA and later
republican groupings have been identified as illegal organizations the Green Book has been distributed and published
secretly. It is published at unknown printing presses and distributed to or shared with IRA volunteers as they are
accepted for active duty. Due to this secrecy only two editions of the Green Book have so far been released into the
public domain. The first, published in 1956  appears to be intact, the second, publication date unknown but dating to the
1977 detention of then PIRA Chief of StaffSeamus Twomey, has only been released in three parts (referred to here as
the 1977 edition). With the beginning of the latest PIRA ceasefire and the 2005 ending of their campaign, it seems
unlikely that a new edition of the manual will have been issued in recent years by the PIRA. However, it is possible that
known/unknown groupings have issued a more recent version.
Volunteers treatment of the Green Book
The Green Book is issued to IRA volunteers as part of their training and is considered a secret document which should
not be revealed to, or discussed with non-IRA members. In order to protect the organization, disclosure of its training
material and any other training documents including the Green Book, would most likely carry stiff penalties up to and
including Court Martial. Once issued, each volunteer is expected to study and learn from his/her copy of the manual, to
apply the rules given in it, and to apply lessons learned from it. While the manual is clearly not all the training a volunteer
could expect, it gave a broad overview meant to go some way to preparing the volunteer for active duty with the
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Excerpt from IRA Green Book
IRA Green Book - Irish Republican Army Terrorism Manual