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IRA’s General Michael Collins
IRA’s General Michael Collins
IRA, Michael Collins and Bloody Sunday
© 2008
60 pages; 6 chapters and 1 appendix
The IRA’s General Michael Collins was the greatest intelligence leader that the IRA
ever had. It was
Collins who led the 1920s war against the British, which was an IRA
and Irish victory
. Most of Ireland became independent as a result. Then Collins became
a General in the Irish Army as the IRA
launched internecine warfare. The IRA continued
killing and other terrorist acts because they also wanted to control Protestant Northern
Ireland, which opted to remain under British control. The
victory won by the IRA’s
General Michael Collins
was great, and came after hundreds of years of hardship. The e-
IRA’s General Michael Collins explains how IRA intelligence under Collins
. However, it also explains why Collins’ victory was not enough for the IRA
and how they murdered him. If you want to see inside the Marxist cancer that still eats at
Ireland then read
IRA’s General Michael Collins.
"The most recent authoritative account suggests that the shot that killed Michael Collins was fired by Denis ("Sonny")
O'Neill, an Anti-Treaty IRA fighter and a former British Army marksman who died in 1950. That evidence is supported by
eyewitness accounts of the participants in the ambush. O'Neill was using dum-dum ammunition, which disintegrates on
impact. It left a gaping wound in Collins' skull. The IRA killer dumped his remaining dum-dum bullets afterwards for fear of
reprisals by Free State troops.
Actually, the murder of Collins did not influence anything. It was just a very clear example of the Marxist hatred that
motivates the IRA. The IRA would, and will, kill its best man out of revenge, not for a defeat, but for a partial victory. Does
that make sense to anybody? It is the way of Marxism, a murderous conspiracy seeking a return to feudalism."
Excerpt from IRA’s General Michael Collins
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IRA’s General Michael Collins