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IRA Targeted Liquidation - IRA Terrorism and the Murder Gangs
IRA Targeted Liquidation
IRA Terrorism and the Murder Gangs
© 2008
101 pages; 11 chapters
During the past forty years of war against the IRA, thousands of pages of leftist
propaganda have been printed and distributed by British and American journalistic
Marxists. Their story is that the
British and the Irish loyalists who tried to protect
themselves from
IRA terrorism, were “torturers and mass murderers.” Yet the IRA
over 3,000 innocent people, while the British and loyalists only killed
IRA targeted liquidation has been ignored by the leftist media that
invariably and repeatedly howls about
“British Murder Gangs.” Yet IRA
targeted liquidation and torture
was a very real aspect of life in Northern
Ireland, and it continues in 2008. The
IRA/Sinn Fein will not cease its relentless
campaign of murder and Marxist revolution until it is totally wiped out.
IRA Targeted Liquidation compares the charges made by the leftist media to the
defensive efforts of Irish loyalists. The evidence is clear, as you will find in
Targeted Liquidation
, the IRA are the leftist wolves slaughtering loyalist lambs.
That is the real, ongoing story; and
IRA Targeted Liquidation explains some of
the details.
"The IRA's internal security unit was known as the 'Headhunters'. The Headhunters' task was to track down, interrogate,
torture and kill suspected informers inside the IRA's ranks.
The Headhunters personally oversaw the murder of dozens of IRA enemies, loyalists and Suspected  informers, Irish
citizens all, during “the Troubles.” The bestial torures carried out by the IRA were more savage than any pracrticed during
“the Troubles.” IRA torturers  did not always torture just for information, many of the IRA torturers were Marxist sadists
who enjoyed hurting their enemies. They used baseball bat-type clubs, cutting devices, garden shears, thumb screws and
a plethora of other macabre torture tools that caused immeasurably prolonged suffering to their victims. Then the IRA
would kill them. There are still IRA mass graves all over Northern Ireland .
The exact nature of all IRA torture and murder revelations will be a devastating blow to the IRA's morale, not only in
Belfast but also across Ireland and the world. The IRA's notorious South Armagh Brigade, under such leaders as “the
Slab,” used their border stronghold as a base to torture and then kill other suspected agents.
IRA torturers learned their torture methods while on IRA training exercises in Lybia. Libyan security forces trained IRA
personnel in the Islamic black arts of torture, which included beating victims repeatedly on the soles of their feet with
batons, a technique used frequently to extract confessions in South Armagh."
Excerpt from IRA Targeted Liquidation
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IRA Targeted Liquidation - IRA Terrorism and the Murder Gangs