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IRA Terror Shock Action - Urban Close Combat
IRA Terror Shock Action
Urban Close Combat
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261 pages; 11 chapters and 2 appendixes
QuikManeuvers.com has devoted a lot of time to researching, investigating and
analyzing the
IRA (Irish Republican Army) and there is a lot to be learned from the
e-books resulting from that effort and QuikManeuvers.com staff members are
experts on the
IRA.  IRA Terror Shock Action approaches the story of IRA Terror
from yet another angle.
IRA Terror Shock Action focuses upon the techniques,
methods and approaches adopted by
IRA leaders as they tried to fight the huge,
sophisticated British Army and intelligence agencies.
IRA Terror Shock Action
precisely describes the battles between those adversaries on several fronts, and
explains the ramifications and asymmetrical success enjoyed by both sides. If you
want to thoroughly understand the warfighting aspects of the
IRA, IRA Terror
Shock Action
is the e-book for you.
"The materials for IRA incendiary devices are far easier to obtain than Semtex, the explosive that has been the republican
terrorists' favored material since the 1980s. The new bomb is said to have as devastating an effect as napalm, the mixture
of gasoline and thickening agent that can be used in incendiary bombs.
The recipe for the bomb was passed to IRA operatives by the Marxist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) in
exchange for training in the construction and use of remote detonation mechanisms. Although the Colombian terrorists
developed the bomb, they did not have the know-how to detonate it electronically from a distance or to employ it in a
mortar. The CIA is understood to have satellite photographs of IRA and FARC operatives detonating the petrol and glue
device in an area controlled by the Colombian terrorists, which is the size of Wales."
Excerpt from IRA Terror Shock Action
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IRA Terror Shock Action - Urban Close Combat