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IRA Terrorism and Provos Combat Guerrilla Tactics
IRA Terrorism
IRA Guerrilla Tactics
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258 pages; 12 chapters and 5 appendixes
For the past 30 years the Irish Republican Army (IRA) has fielded a
potent terrorist force. To date, no book published in the western world
has accurately described that force.
IRA Terrorism provides the most
complete description of the combat leadership, organization, and tactics
the provisional IRA (Provos) available. In many ways, IRA
could be viewed as a handbook (this book is for informational
purposes only) for European terrorists, in that it describes in detail how a
Celtic white European group of miniscule size could take on a powerful,
first class nation, among whose combat forces are numbered the
dreaded SAS, one of the best special forces units in the world.
When the
original IRA went Marxist, the Provos split off, and
dedicated their lives to war. The war they fought is an example of what a
few hundred dedicated Europeans (Celts) can do in the
modern world
of terrorism
. With two thousand men like the hardcore, the IRA or
, any European nation could conquer and destroy Hezbollah,
Hamas, Iran, the Taliban, al-Qeada, and the psychotic tribes of Iraq.
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“IRA combat actions are conducted by active service units (ASU). ASUs are usually composed of four persons who most
often know each other, but who have no natural connection (i.e., not related, do not work together, are not neighbors,
etc.). Although the IRA’s General Headquarters issues broad guidance on operations and will sometimes designate and
plan specific high-value targets, local commanders and ASUs (an ASU could be one individual) plan and execute the
majority of IRA (Provo) operations. The ASU organization is very decentralized, and the members may actually be in
contact for only the few minutes of the combat action they are conducting. Their movements to the objective, equipment
pick up, movement from the target, and equipment drop off, is all conducted individually. They execute an assault swarm
and dispersal pattern of remarkable grace.”
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Excerpt from IRA Terrorism
The IRA (Provos) does not follow any rules of war. It is not bound by rules of engagement, or consideration for collateral
damage and civilian casualties. In other words, it is a ruthless, blood-spilling, ass-kicking, armed force of consummate
lethality. Lest the reader be shocked by such rhetoric, he should instead understand that the US Military is rapidly evolving
away from such lethality, and into a moribund state of fecund marginality. That is why
IRA Terrorism is such an important
book. If ever a reader wanted to understand how it is possible for Europeans, amidst the decadence and depravity of the
so-called technological age, could create a revenge-seeking hard core of resolute warriors, then this is your book.
IRA Terrorism