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Irish Republican Army: Volunteer Handbook
Irish Republican Army: Volunteer Handbook
IRA Guerrilla Warfare Methods
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101 pages; 14 chapters and 1 appendix
Irish Republican Army: Volunteer Handbook is an e-book that presents the best IRA
thinking on guerrilla warfare
during the period when the IRA was a real threat. In writing
Irish Republican Army: Volunteer Handbook, great pains were taken to produce a small
manual easily read by new recruits, which effectively introduced them to the
IRA’s brand of
guerrilla warfare. QuikManeuvers.com has edited this handbook to provide extra
information about
IRA guerrilla warfare methods that the reader should know. However,
the first twelve chapters of
Irish Republican Army: Volunteer Handbook constitute the
entire original handbook. One of the problems of the
Irish Republican Army, which
negatively influences most Celts, is the creation of another
IRA called the Provos. The
Provos are communist, and are as bad or worse then the American leftists who now control
the USA. The direct-action
Provos are communists and their supporters are either
communists or similar to the American Democrat Party. Anyone reading
Irish Republican
Army: Volunteer Handbook
must be aware of such facts.
Review Table of Contents
“Guerrilla attacks are fluid. There is a large measure of decentralization, and maneuvers are carried out by battle teams
who know their job and do it.
The battle teams move by bounds to the objective and may have to infiltrate hostile strong points. They cloak themselves
in darkness. They infiltrate through previously reconnoitered lanes. When they hit the strongpoint they use their first
waves to cut enemy communications, support and supplies. Then the final subjection is accomplished by the use of close
fire-power-small arms, LMGs, mortars, high explosives, thermite weapons and flame throwers. Or whatever weapons the
guerrilla commander has at his disposal.
The guerrilla turns night into day. He knows that at night accurate aimed fire is impossible. That control is very difficult
even for seasoned troops. A disciplined force can hit and then dissolve. He exploits these advantages and becomes
adept at night operations. Night fighting inspires terror in the enemy.”
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Excerpt from Irish Republican Army: Volunteer Handbook
IRA Guerrilla Warfare Methods