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The IRA vs. the British Army
The IRA vs. the British
The British Army that Fought the IRA
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202 pages; 26 chapters and 1 special report
The IRA vs. the British is an e-book that describes the British Army that
fought the Irish Republican Army
from the 1970s through the early 21st
Century. This e-book is important because it describes a
British Army that
actually won the
war against the IRA and then was shamed when the British
Labor Party lost the peace.
The IRA vs. the British also describes the
differences between the US Army and the British Army. Any reader of The
IRA vs. the British
will add up the evidence, and will soon realize that the
British Army is superior to the American Army in many ways. Although the
British Army has some ass-licking bureaucrat generals who are incompetent, it
has far less, percentage wise, than the corrupt US Army ruled by
micromanagement and political correctness.  
"In 1970, Brigadier Frank Kitson of the British Army was posted to Belfast, Ireland to command the British 39th Infantry
Brigade (a division-sized battle group).  His leadership against IRA inevitably made a major contribution in defeating the
Kitson is one of the best generals in the British Army and the world. Certainly no modern US general, allowed to serve,
has come anywhere near him in warfighting ability and adaptation to counter terrorism.
General Kitson first came to prominence as a young Military Intelligence officer during the Mau Mau Uprising in Kenya.
He was attached to the police special branch and initiated new methods of intelligence gathering among the tribal lands
controlled by the savage Mau Mau.
Kitson also pioneered the use of ‘counter gangs’ or pseudo gangs, which included mobile groups of: disguised Brits,
loyalist Kenyans and ‘turned’ guerrillas, who carried out clandestine intelligence and direct action. Kitson’s methods were
later copied by many different armies that were fighting terrorists, savage uprisings, and counter insurgencies."
Excerpt from The IRA vs. the British
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The IRA vs. the British Army
The IRA vs. the British introduces the reader to the British Army’s most unique and unbeatable assets: British Intelligence,
the SAS, a few great generals like Frank Kitson, and the ability to adapt.
The IRA vs. the British provides further proof that a
western army willing to wage total war will inevitably win
IF it has great warriors in its ranks who are not controlled by American-
style effeminate bureaucrat generals. All the reader has to do is ignore leftist pro-IRA propaganda and focus on the facts.
IRA vs. the British
introduces those facts.