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Iranian Human Wave - Iraq-Iran War 1980-88
Iranian Human Wave
Iraq-Iran War 1980-88
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265 pages; 10 chapters
The years 1980-88 were the years of Iranian human wave assaults in the
Iraq-Iran War. Most Americans have never heard of that war because the
pro-Iranian US media suppressed most news about it. Why? The blood
Iranians forced thousands of their own children (aged 6 to 9) to
participate, unarmed, in
human wave attacks against Iraqi forces, thus
revealing the real face of
Moslem Imperialist Iran! The grisly facts of
Iranian human wave attacks were suppressed by the US media and State
Department because they want the US citizenry to feel friendly towards the
Moslems. No Moslem group is more murderous and unfeeling
than the
Iranians. In the e-book, Iranian Human Wave, readers will learn
why the US military is so afraid of the
Iranians. They fear mass casualties
when fighting the
Iranian psychopaths that make the Chinese Human Wave
of the Korean War (See QuikManeuvers.com e-book Human Wave)
look bourgeoisie. As
Iranian Human Wave reveals, the Iraqi Army destroyed
Iranian military because they had the guts to do what the US military could
never do. They annihilated the insane
Iranian murderers. Iranian Human
also reveals some disturbing facts about the hidden maneuvers of
America’s Marxist government as it worked behind the scenes to help I
and destroy Iraq.
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" 'Before entering the mine fields, the children [now 6-9 years old] wrap themselves in blankets and they roll on the
ground, so that their body parts stay together after the explosion of the mines and one can carry them to the
graves.' They were called Basiji.
The human wave tactic was implemented as follows: the unarmed children and teenagers had to move continuously
forward in perfectly straight rows. It did not matter whether they fell as canon fodder to enemy fire or detonated the
mines with their bodies: the important thing was that the Basiji continued to move forward over the torn and
mutilated remains of their fallen comrades, going to their deaths in wave after wave."
Excerpt from Iranian Human Wave
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Iranian Human Wave - Iraq-Iran War 1980-88