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Iraqi Terrorists
Iraqi Terrorists
Sunni Versus Shiite
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225 pages; 11 chapters and 4 appendixes
One does not have to be the USA President, a four-star peacekeeper General,
or have an Ivy League Ph.D. in world affairs to understand why the USA is in
Iraq. Begin by looking at a map. Geo-politically, Iraq is the single most strategic
nation in the Middle East. It borders on six other countries: Jordan, Kuwait, Iran,
Syria, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia. From Iraq, and with its forces in Afghanistan,
the United States can influence events in countries arrayed from the Himalayas
to the Caucasus and from the Black Sea to the Red, Mediterranean and Arabian
Seas. It’s all there in
Iraqi Terrorists. Holding down the Iraqi bastion of
international terror is Iran’s Shiite brothers and their tribal enemies,
Sadamm Hussein’s own tribe, the Sunnis
. There’s not a dime's worth of
difference between these two bloodthirsty medieval tribes. They are just as
mean, hate-filled and murderous, and their shared dream is to kill or subjugate
every Christian and Jew in Christendom.  
“Muslim terrorists are not geniuses at guerrilla warfare or urban warfare or even in orchestrating terrorist uprising replete
with hundreds of IEDs. Their tactical schemes and methods are simplistic and amateurish. They have been winning in Iraq
because of the colossal incompetence of US conventional generals.
The enemy began adapting to the successful employment of the Sadr City box. They began to move increasingly toward
using IEDs to disable vehicles and subsequently cause a catastrophic kill by bringing to the attack, RPGs and mortars.
The enemy objective in both Al Tharwa and An Najaf was to disable an American armored fighting vehicle and exploit it for
publicity success. Moving through the streets of Baghdad, it was inevitable that a vehicle would become disabled. Specific
battle drills had been established within the task force, to allow for that eventuality.”
Excerpt from Iraqi Terrorists
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Instead of being smart enough to divide and conquer those two killer sects, a sound warfighting maneuver, American armed
forces in Iraq tried to kowtow to both and ended up fighting both. Instead of fragmenting Iraq into a Balkanized groupment of
small warring states, the USA is “nation building” Iraq into a unified, death-dealing, American-hating sacka muslim crapola.
Iraqi Terrorists describes the Sunnis and Shiites, in all their grimy, tyrannical damnation. If you want to know how the Sunnis
and Shiites are playing America and why they could do only if fighting weak willed amateurs, then
Iraqi Terrorists is your