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Islamic Assassins - the Islamic Death Cult of Muslim Assassination
Islamic Assassins
Muslim Political Killers
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201 pages; 6 sections and 1 appendix
Islamic Assassins presents to the world six grisly chapters that place modern mass Muslim
assassinations in both the historical and current cultural context
. CIA and Soviet
concepts of assassination are juxtaposed against Islamic death cult
assassination conceptology
. Within this context, the favorite Muslim practice of beheading,
and a detailed description of the
skills of a modern Muslim assassin, are both fit precisely
into the blood-drenched jigsaw of horror.
Islamic Assassins is a must-read book for those
who have the nerve to paw through the blood-drenched
psychological profile of Muslim
and mayhem; a time worn practice eagerly instrumented by Muslim assassins for
over a millennium.
“Many ignorant people ask, “are beheadings Islamic?” Yes, beheading is, of course, an Islamic answer to the infidels,
criminals, and sinners within their society. That cruel way of killing infidels (non-Muslims) is sanctioned by Islamic Sharia
laws and the Koran. American leftists deny that the grotesque beheading of western Kaffirs (non Muslims), by Islamic
terrorists (in Iraq), is an Islamic practice. Such fabrications provide more clear evidence of the ignorance, hypocrisy,
and/or intellectual dishonesty practiced by those defenders of Islam.
Pro-Islamists are not ready to take on the burden of ugly reality, by shouldering the fact that human beheading is 100%
consistent with sacred Islamic Jihadi behaviors. Hatred toward other religions, such as Jews, Christians, Hindus and
others, is demanded by the ardent teachings of the Islamic holy book, the Qur’an. The prophet Muhammad beheaded
people, as a religious rite during the 7th century. Most Islamic rulers thereafter eagerly embraced the practice. Today,
Islamic beheadings, which have been an omnipresent feature of Muslim society for a millennium, continue.”
Excerpt from Islamic Assassins
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Islamic Assassins - Islamic Death Cult and Muslim Assassins
Islamic Assassins provides historical context for the most central element of the Muslim religion’s most oft-repeated
theme: murder. What you read in
Islamic Assassins will shock you; horrify you; and fill you with disbelief. As your stomach
curls in a gut-wrenching horrific realization that
Islam is a religion of death (an Islamic death cult), not the religion of love,
you may indeed experience a psychological melt down.  The good news is, dear reader, that such a psychological crisis is
only the first step in a self-metamorphic process that will take you from where you are now to an iron-hard confrontation with
the grimmest of modern day reality. When you cross that threshold of fear, you may be
ready to resist the Islamic death
with every sinew of your being.