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Islamic Death Squads - Muslim Assassin Cult and Muslim Death Squads
Islamic Death Squads
Muslim Assassin Groups
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115 pages; 7 sections
For hundreds of years, Muslim nations throughout the world have been
dominated by Islamic death squads. In fact, the use of Islamic death squads
as levers of political
power in Muslim nations was institutionalized nearly a
thousand years ago. Before the time of the crusades, the grotesque and bloodthirsty
Muslim Assassin Cult, a natural outgrowth of the Muslim “religion’s” death
orientation, grew up and
prospered throughout the Muslim empire.  The
Assassin Cult, a sub-cult of the Muslim cult itself, soon had castle fortresses
dotting the landscape wherever Muslims lived. From these fortresses thousands of
death squads, and even armies of assassins, continuously sallied forth. For
Muslim assassin, or Islamic death squads, have been an integral
part of Muslim politics
“Currently in Iraq (2006) Islamic death squad depredations, always part of muslim life for centuries, have grown steadily in
use until they have become a common instrument of all of the Iraqi factions – terrorists, terrorist militias, and elements of
the Iraqi government. Each side in the conflict has inevitably developed its own death squads to serve its motives, which
sometimes differ greatly. Therefore, their techniques, targets, and the way they cover themselves are different. In parallel
with the terror war led by terrorists against the occupation forces and Iraqi government forces, there is currently an
internecine death squad war going on inside Iraqi society.
Throughout 2005 there were so many indications of growing use of death squads that the US media immediately blamed
their most virulent object of hatred, the Bush Administration, and began questioning as to whether the US command had
devised a "Salvador solution". That would mean that the occupation forces themselves trained or helped to train
professional death squads from among the local population to ensure the success of the occupation. The media was
disappointed to find that there are no signs of such practices being encouraged by US personnel. The reality is that the
US military does not have the “balls” to even think of such a politically incorrect tactic.
The diversity of all the players in the Iraqi arena ensures that everyone pursues their own overlapping interest. Alliances
are fragile and shifting. In fact, the use of death squads by many different factions against each other has sparked
extremist sectarian, political, and ideological mass murder within the local population.”
Excerpt from Islamic Death Squads
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Although pro-Muslim historians have proclaimed repeatedly that the Assassin Cult
has been disbanded, Islamic Death Squads offers strong evidence that it has continuous influence on such terrorist
monstrosities as: the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qeada, Hamas, and Hizzballah.
Islamic death squads, a modern day version
of ancient Muslim death squads
, are at the epicenter of the seventh Muslim imperialist jihad against the west. Muslim
death squads
are the spearhead of the massive Muslim terrorist effort that threatens to end all civilization. Islamic Death
explains the grotesque network of Muslim death squads and their activities today without hesitation or concern
for political correctness.
Islamic Death Squads the modern Muslim Death Cult of Assassins