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Israeli Army Demoralization - How American Doctrine Defeated and Demoralized the Israeli Army
Israeli Army Demoralization
How American Doctrine Defeated and Demoralized the Israeli Army 2006
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160 pages; 12 chapters and 4 appendices
Many millions of people are happy that the heretofore-vaunted Israeli Army
has been deeply wounded. However, that is not the point of the e-book
Army Demoralization
. What Israeli Army Demoralization describes for its
readers, is why and how Israeli Army Demoralization and subsequent defeat by
Hezbollah in 2006, was caused by the adoption of defeat-facilitating
US Military
approaches and thinking. The story of how the
Marxist US Army has become a
pariah, a threat to every army in the world that copies its strange mindset, has
been described singularly, in numerous QuikManeuvers.com e-books. Has it
done any good? Not for the
Marxist US Army high command! There is no real
reform of
US military thinking. On the contrary, it is getting worse as Marxist
bureaucrat officers of the Clintonista stripe of alley cats, are becoming more
encouraged to reveal their true selves. In the meantime, ignorant foreign
generals, blinded by the seduction of
US military payoffs, embrace the US
mindset and become privy to the Israeli Army Demoralization
Review Table of Contents
“Over the past decade the Israeli Army has become like the rabbits of forlorn hope described in Watership Down. As
more foreign elements have been introduced into the Israeli Army, they brought with them their lack of real zeal to protect
Israel. At the same time shapely Israeli Army women infused the Israeli military with a very distracting element, bountiful
and willing female flesh. Within that miasma of depravity and disloyalty, promoted by the Marxist Israeli media, Israeli
Army high command began to develop bureaucratic generals who were easy to seduce into becoming denizens of the US
Army’s ruinous holdover from World War II, Effects Based Operations (EBO). EBO concepts have institutionalized the
belief that ground maneuver is unnecessary since the air force will win the war. In keeping with the bankruptcy of EBO,
the inspired Israeli military bureaucrats decided to develop their own supplementary military concept package called
Systemic Operational Design (SOD). SOD was developed by Marxist Israeli pseudo intellections in an attempt to reduce
warfighting to a semantic system of ambiguity.”
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Excerpt from Israeli Army Demoralization
Israeli Army Demoralization - How American Doctrine Defeated and Demoralized the Israeli Army
Israeli Army Demoralization describes in detail how American doctrine defeated and demoralized the Israeli Army in 2006.
Anyone interested in war fighting should learn what the e-book,
Israeli Army Demoralization, teaches about the relationship
of being defeated by Hezbollah, to the intellectual bankruptcy of the
Marxist US military high command. This e-book is not for
the intellectually challenged.