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Israeli Targeted Liquidation
Israeli Targeted Liquidation
Secret Israeli Anti-Terror Tactic
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172 pages; 19 chapters and 1 appendix
For over twenty years, vicious muslim terrorism has held the world in its
grip of fear. Now, after decades of muslim murdering and terror, nations of
the west are beginning to submit to
muslim terrorists. At the same time they
are becoming rabidly anti-semitic (anti-Jewish). The nation of Israel has, up to
now, been the only model of toughness in a weak and flabby world. Their
utilization of targeted liquidation has saved Israel and the world from
being overwhelmed by muslim hordes, up to now.
Israeli Targeted
Liquidation: Secret Israeli Anti-Terror Tactic
explains how it works, and
why only the Israelis have the guts and know-how to use it.
Israeli Targeted
decapitates terrorist groups by eliminating leaders. Israeli
Targeted Liquidation
disrupts and sets back terrorist planning. Israeli
Targeted Liquidation
strikes terror in the hearts of terrorists. Israeli
Targeted Liquidation
is one of the primary tactics for winning the war on
Israeli Targeted Liquidation: Secret Israeli Anti-Terror Tactic
explains how it works.
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“Contrary to leftist press reports, there are no innocent muslims who suffer from collateral damage. Today in Islam,
hundreds of millions stand silent, allowing men with irrational prejudices and violent inclinations to dominate their cultures,
peoples, and children. Leaders and lay alike are sympathetic to anti-American, anti-Israel, anti-Christian Jihads.       
Islam, by virtue of current popular interpretations of its tenants (and lack of a controlling governing body) renders many
average worshipers susceptible to abhorrent suggestions, making it all too easy for common Muslims to become
transformed into "terrorists". Justifications for prejudices/intolerance, and demands for fanatical obedience, up to and
including the murder of non-Muslims by any means possible, are common. Unless you have been intimately exposed to
their culture, one has absolutely no idea of the total and irreversible dedication of the faithful. The ferocity and the depths
of their hatreds are insurmountable. It is fed by media coverage, fear and appeasement.
Understanding fanatical Muslim reasoning requires thinking ‘outside of the television’. One must be prepared to first
accept the inconceivable. To many devout Muslims tolerance means something quite different than to the rest of us.
Unfortunately, tolerance usually means accepting different degrees of hatred and extremism within their own
neighborhoods and amongst their Imams and Clerics. True tolerance toward non-Muslims or ‘Infidels’ is unthinkable,
except as required by political necessity, then temporarily employed for appearance sake only (usually as part of a
strategy of eventual conquest). This judgment of Muslim culture and thinking seems harsh, but before you call it bigoted
to point out Islamic bigotry, examine the facts. Ask yourself, aside from rare carefully crafted rebukes spoken only in
English to Western news organizations, where are the ‘peace marches’ in Palestine and protesters against homicide
bombers, and other terrorists the non-Muslim world has to contend with? Is there no opposing political party, no differing
opinion, or ‘other side’ within Islamic countries in any current or past Muslim/Muslim conflicts with any other culture or
people on the planet? Surly there must be opposition to Islamic fanaticism, terrorism, and ‘holy war’ solutions proffered in
so many conflicts. Pro-Palestinian and anti-Jew protests are present in Tel Aviv, New York, Washington, London, and
everywhere. But where are the anti-terrorism / pro-peace protests or the smallest protest against Hamas, Islamic Jihad, or
the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades by moderate or left-wing Muslims in Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Iran, Libya, Turkey, Jordan,
Indonesia, or Saudi Muslimia? The answer is simple; we do not see them, because they do not exist! They do not exist,
because their core religious values do not allow opposition. Even most American Muslims have not shown any real
revulsion at what is done in Islam’s name, instead they seem unnaturally quiet. Surely this vast quiet is the silence of fear,
guilt, or …reverence.”
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Excerpt from Israeli Targeted Liquidation
Israeli Targeted Liquidation, Anti-Terrorist Tactic