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Japanese Spy/Saboteur Infiltration, 1930s - 2010 Islamic Infiltrators Use Same Tactics
Japanese Spy/Saboteur Infiltration, 1930s
"Ohtani was one of a score of Japanese who entered the United States (many are still entering regularly) to "study
the English language." Not one of them, has ever enrolled in a school or hired a private tutor; when they return to
their native country they usually know just about as much English as when they arrived.
Every one of these students has strange habits. No matter at what port they land, one of the first things they do after
checking into a hotel room, is to take a train or plane to Washington, D.C., and call upon the Naval Attaché at the
Japanese Embassy. Sometimes they confer with him for several days. When the talks are finished, the student
returns to the West Coast—to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle or some other spot, which turns out to be of
strategic importance to American naval defense. Usually the student buys an automobile and, instead of spending
his time studying, goes wandering around the section he is living in, associating with shadowy characters with whom,
you would normally think, he could have very little in common."
Japanese Spy/Saboteur Infiltration, 1930s was an era of Japanese
subversive penetration of the USA. Thousands of
Japanese Spy/Saboteurs
steadily colonized the USA as the
Islamic traitor Imperialists do in 2010. By
the same token, all those
Japanese infiltrators flourished because over 94%
of the Japs living in America continued to support Imperial Japan from the
1930s through, and after, 1945. Like modern
Islamic traitors in the USA,
Japanese traitors refused, en masse, to fight for their country, which treated
them so well. Thus it is said in the e-book,
Japanese Spy/Saboteur
Infiltration, 1930s
that what is happening now in the Balkanized States of
America, actually happened before, in the 1930s. The US might have fallen
then, had not the
Japanese Spy/Saboteur Infiltration, 1930s been
squashed by imprisoning all of the
Japanese traitors, which included most of
the Japs residing in the USA. Since America is now under a communist
dictatorship, such logic will never be used against the
Islamic traitors within. If
you are one of the few who can take the truth from history and learn it, forget
the lies and read
Japanese Spy/Saboteur Infiltration, 1930s.
2010 Islamic Infiltrators Use Same Tactics
© 2010
123 pages; 10 chapters
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Excerpt from Japanese Spy/Saboteur Infiltration, 1930s
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Japanese Spy/Saboteur Infiltration, 1930s - 2010 Islamic Infiltrators Use Same Tactics