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Kalmuck Cavalry of the German Army
Kalmuck Cavalry of the German Army
The Red’s Most Brutal Foes
© 2008
67 pages; 7 chapters
Kalmuck Cavalry of the German Army is a unique story, and there is
not another book about the
Kalmuck Cavalry in the western world.
Kalmuck Cavalry of the German Army describes how a small people,
chaffing under the brutal oppression of the Soviet Union, dared fight back.
That brave band of heroes recruited up to 10,000 combatants, as many
as their miniscule population afforded, and lunged like wolves at the soft
under belly of Soviet tyranny. They fought hard for three years against the
red scourge, and as the Germans retreated towards Berlin, the
accompanied them, fighting a brutal, bloody war against NKVD troops and
communist partisans. The e-book
Kalmuck Cavalry of the German
tells the story of a people ready to fight for what they believe. The
Kalmucks are very different from modern day Americans who fearfully
march to the orders of a leftist-minority parasitic tyranny without complaint.
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"The Kalmucks were ardent followers of their own Buddhist religion and steadfast way of life, which found itself
somewhat in opposition to Soviet communism. They were followers of what they called, “The Greater Way,” which
is a Buddhist precept. The Kalmucks, as well as the Cossacks and Tartars, were granted absolute respect by the
invading German Wehrmacht. The Kalmucks were all encouraged to fight for their own self-defense. The most
renowned and steadfast of these self-defense units came to be known as the Kalmuck Calvary Corps. According
to Muñoz, “It would become one of the most exotic foreign volunteer units in the Wehrmacht”. And one of the
toughest too."
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Kalmuck Cavalry of the German Army