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Battle of Kharkov
Kharkov's Red Streets
Five Battles for Kharkov? 1941-43
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301 pages; 11 chapters, 4 appendixes
The fourth largest city of Soviet Russia was always an important center of gravity. In
many ways it was the lynchpin of the entire Eastern Front.
Kharkov's Red Streets
explains the
importance of Kharkov to the Eastern Front in World War II, and why
it was the scene of five major bloody battles in 1942-43. During those battles, the
city changed hands time after time, as the brave soldiers and panzers of the
German army and Waffen SS covered themselves with glory fighting the
Battle of
. Kharkov's Red Streets simultaneously allows the reader to peer inside
the map rooms of the competing high commands, while introducing the same reader
to the gut-wrenching hell and
ferocity of the battles for Kharkov.
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“A formidable line of bastion towns including: Schlusselburg, Novgorod, Rzhev, Vyazma, Bryansk, Orel, Kharkov, and
Taganrog had served as winter bases for the Germans during the Soviet counter-offensive of December 1941. The
Soviets were able to penetrate the territory between these bastions but were unable to take them.
Soviets wanted to take Kharkov because it was a major German Army logistics complex for the southern front. In
addition, the
seizure of Kharkov would pave to way for the seizure of the two major traffic centers Dnepropetrovsk and
. Zaprorzhye was the location of one of the largest hydroelectric centers in the world at that time and it was in
German hands.
Kharkov was a major road junction and industrial center as well as the gateway to Soviet offensives
towards the west and south. All supplies for German southern front forces east of the Dneiper River in the Donets area
and the Crimea
passed through Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporozhye. If the Red army seized them, the entire German
southern front would collapse. In the meantime, the
Battle of Kharkov was refought five times.”
Excerpt from Kharkov's Red Streets
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Battles for Kharkov