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Kharkov Battles of the Waffen SS
Kharkov Battles of the Waffen SS
Elite SS Divisions, Urban Combat
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268 pages; 20 chapters, 4 appendixes and 1 combat report
Kharkov Battles of the Waffen SS is an e-book that describes the role of elite Waffen
SS divisions in the various Battles of Kharkov
. The Waffen SS won the battles of
. When the orders to retreat came down from the high command, they covered the
Kharkov Battles of the Waffen SS describes the aggressive assault shock
action of the
Waffen SS and the clever tactics of their hard-bitten leaders. The reds
claimed that the German Wehrmacht didn’t know how to fight in cities, the
Waffen SS
proved them wrong
in 1942-43. It’s all there, the bloody street fights and bone-crushing
flanking maneuvers as the
Kharkov Battles of the Waffen SS are described as never
Review Table of Contents
“During the night Soviet motorized infantry had already infiltrated through the defense lines in several places and made a
surprise penetration near Lyubotin into the German artillery position. After stubborn fighting with the gun crews, twelve
German howitzers (an entire artillery battalion) without breechlocks, which the withdrawing crews took with them, fell into
Soviet hands. Spearheads of the infiltrated Soviet motorized infantry already were shooting it out with the German local
security in the wood adjoining the German 2nd Corps command post.
During the morning, red panzers had worked their way forward in the terrain dead spaces up to the southern edges of
the cornfields. Suddenly groups of red tanks made a mass dash across the open space towards the road in full sight. The
leading waves of Soviet T34's were caught in the fierce defensive fire of the SS Panther tanks, and were on fire before
they could reach the main line of resistance.        Yet wave after wave of Soviet tanks followed, as they flowed across in
the protecting hollows and pushed forward into the battle position. Here they were trapped in the SS net of antitank and
antiaircraft guns, Hornets (88-mm. panzer destroyers), and Wasps (self-propelled 105mm. light field howitzers), were split
up into antitank killer groups, and they put large numbers of red tanks out of action. The last Soviet tank waves were still
attempting to force a break-through in concentrated masses when they were suddenly attacked by Waffen SS Tigers and
self-propelled assault guns, until then mobile reserves behind the front, and were repulsed with heavy losses. The first
thrust of the Soviets was repelled. The price they paid for this mass panzer assault amounted to 184 knocked-out T34's.”
Excerpt from Kharkov Battles of the Waffen SS
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Kharkov Battles of the Waffen SS