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Kiev Cauldron, 1941 - Encirclement of Soviet SW Front
Kiev Cauldron, 1941
Encirclement of Soviet SW Front
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165 pages; 12 chapters, 1 appendix
In June of 1941, the German Wehrmacht plunged forward in a pre-emptive
strike at the USSR. That strike caught millions of red troops on the hop as they
were moving to invade Western Europe. The Germans were outnumbered in
every category, but within a few months they achieved the
encirclement of
Soviet SW Front
and over a million red army troops were trapped in the Kiev
The Encirclement of Soviet SW Front was one of twenty major
encirclements of Soviet troops achieved by the
German Wehrmacht in just a
few months.
Kiev Cauldron, 1941 tells the story of the clever maneuvers and
warfighting genius that brought the
German Wehrmacht to victory at in the
Kiev Cauldron, 1941.
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“General Von Reichenau's forward units, or advanced detachments, were much over-extended in their drive towards Kiev.
According to German claims, the German mobile units were some 125 miles ahead of the foot-infantry divisions of their
army and now had to devote themselves to holding on until the infantry divisions could come forward.
A headquarters for the defending German troops was apparently established in the little village of Milaja, just west of the
Irpen, and the main body of the forward troops occupied two shallow ravines more or less parallel with the river. Fox holes
were dug at once to give shelter to the troops, who were tired by their rapid advance. Construction was carried out under
extreme difficulties. Any movement beyond cover brought a storm of Russian artillery fire. Russian aviators flew over the
German-held houses on the west bank every 2 hours at a height stated by the Germans to be only 35 to 50 feet,
dropping 5-pound bombs and machine-gunning the German positions.”
Excerpt from Kiev Cauldron, 1941
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Kiev Cauldron, 1941 - Encirclement of Soviet SW Front