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Kwantung Army, Japanese Generals vs. the Red Army in Manchuria
Kwantung Army
Japanese Generals vs. the Red Army, Manchuria
© 2009
186 pages; 12 chapters and 3 appendices
This is the story of the strange Japanese Kwantung Army that
defended Manchuria against the Soviet Union’s far eastern Red
Army groups
from 1939 to 1945. It is the story of inept Japanese
who never learned how to beat the Red Army in
. This book has a dual focus, upon the Kwantung Army
and Japanese generals
in particular. Fact-filled information is
provided for the happy reader that is available nowhere else on the
Internet.  The
Kwantung Army, Japanese generals, opium, and a
number of
bloody battles with the Red Army are interwoven into
the war mosaic encompassing the cordite shrouded mountains and
plains of
Japanese Manchuria.
Review Table of Contents
“In the course of formulating the Hachi-Go Plan, the Operations Bureau of Imperial General Headquarters drew up the
following two general concepts to provide the framework for operational planning:
Concept A: With the outbreak of war, the Japanese Army will destroy the enemy in the areas of Ussuri and Amur
Provinces in simultaneous offensives on those fronts, and then destroy the enemy in the Greater Hsingan Mountains area
of Manchuria.
Concept B: With the outbreak of hostilities, the main body of the Japanese Army will destroy the enemy's main force in
the Trans-Baikal area of the Soviet Union.”
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Excerpt from Kwantung Army
Japanese Generals of the  Kwantung Army against the Red Army in Manchuria