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Lancers Charge! - German Horse Cavalry in World War I
Lancers Charge
German Horse Cavalry WWI
© 2008
178 pages; 18 chapters and 2 appendixes
Lancers Charge is an e-book that tells the story of German Horse Cavalry
in World War I
. It is also the story of why the German’s lost World War I.
They lost
World War I because they utilized their cavalry improperly as
Lancers Charge proves. When a sweating, focused German cavalry officer
gave the order “
Lancer’s Charge!,” he was ordering into action the best
cavalry in Europe. However, the German High Command and the cavalry’s top
leadership was not up to leading that finely honed weapon.
Lancers Charge
describes the
German Horse Cavalry of World War I and some of its main
Lancers Charge also describes the bias against horse cavalry
exhibited by a
German Army command staff that could not think past the
speed of an infantry shuffle. They did not understand that the speed and
mobility of the
German Horse Cavalry of World War I could have won them
the war.
Review Table of Contents
"In 1914, the German Army included over 58,000 cavalry troopers, in 110 regiments. They were the Kaiser's elite. When
German Reserve cavalry was mobilized, many further regiments were fielded from the Ersatz and Landwehr squadrons.
In total, 550 German cavalry squadrons (the equivalent of 60 cavalry divisions) fought in the Great War (World War I).
The Imperial German cavalry included one of the most varied selections of mounted troops found in any of the
European powers. Although their titles and uniforms were varied, each German cavalry regiment was well trained and
could fight fiercely.
Every German World War I (battalion sized) cavalry regiment (with approximately 724 men) was divided into four 'saber'
squadrons, a Machine-gun Squadron and one Depot Squadron, which acted as the Regiment's recruit training and
acclimatization center. The four active saber squadrons were each made up of four officers and one hundred and
sixty-three other ranks."
Excerpt from Lancers Charge
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