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Lee’s Assault Sniper Elite - Confederate Army Sharpshooter Battalions
Lee’s Assault Sniper Elite
Confederate Army Sharpshooter Battalions
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275 pages; 20 chapters and 2 appendices
American historians have always overlooked the importance of Confederate
who contributed so much to so many Confederate victories.
Lee’s Assault Sniper Elite is an e-book which describes the battles and glory
of those
Confederate sharpshooter battalions that served General Robert
E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia. In
Lee’s Assault Sniper Elite the reader
will learn much that he never knew existed.  In chapter after chapter the exploits
of elite
Confederate sharpshooter battalions are described in glorious
detail. There were two major categories of
Confederate sharpshooter
units formed as sharpshooters without any special talent or
training; and units formed of veteran soldiers, chosen for their
sniper skills and
ideological fervor. The latter category were elite troops, assault troops who
acted in all sorts of situations to defeat enemy groupings much larger than their
Lee’s Assault Sniper Elite is the first of a QuikManeuvers.com series of
Confederate sharpshooter e-books depicting the details of yet another
important aspect of the War Between the States that has been purposely
overlooked by craven American academic historians, most of who were and are,
"Intelligence, sound judgment, accuracy of marksmanship, fidelity to the Southern cause, and unfaltering courage in the
trying ordeal of battle were the conditions sine qua non, or necessary qualifications to membership in this command; and
by this standard both officers and men were put to the test in due time. First, by the rigid application of the rules of military
tactics and the enforcement of army regulations; and afterwards by the hazards and hardships of the active campaign. A
few men failed in drill and were promptly replaced by others. While, as will hereafter appear, only one failed in battle. To
meet the purposes of the organization, as well as to secure the highest degree of skill and efficiency in movement and
action, an unique and concise system of tactics was prepared and compiled from the American skirmish and French
Zouave drills and introduced by the commander for the government of the battalion on the field. While a "manual of
arms," in the form of a brochure upon the subject of rifle training, was furnished by Major General Wilcox. These,
together, became the standard par excellence of the sharpshooters, both upon the drill ground and in active operations
on the field. Although every sharpshooter was already a known sniper or skilled shooter…"
Excerpt from Lee’s Assault Sniper Elite
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Lee’s Assault Sniper Elite - Confederate Army Sharpshooter Battalions