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Leftist Feudalism, America
Leftist Feudalism, America
Who Controls America
© 2008
101 pages; 7 chapters and 2 appendixes
Leftist Feudalism, America is the first book in America to introduce the reading
public to the concept of
leftist feudalism in America. This book is a pioneering
effort of QuikManeuvers.com that calls attention to the bizarre government and
ruling oligarchy that has been controlling America for over thirty years.
Feudalism, America
tells truths that will enrage many readers because they are
only preserving their sanity by denial.
Leftist Feudalism, America gives
dimension, depth and recognition to the faceless criminals who lurk behind the
political cultural war. Now QuikManeuvers.com confronts the reading public with a
shocking introduction to
leftist feudalism in America while bringing to the
readers attention concepts that will become crystal clear in the coming months.
Leftist Feudalism, America ties together the various elements of the ruling
leftist black racist oligarchy in America and describes how they are working
together to create a fully blown feudalist society with leftists as the nobility, black
races as the knights, and everybody else as serfs in a polyglot, multi-diverse hell
of wretched phoniness and indescribable horror. That horror has been covered
up too long. Open your eyes and mind to it and read
Leftist Feudalism,
. Your tension will mount inexorably towards a transformation of your
very soul, galvanized by a new understanding of these dark and ominous times.
Review Table of Contents
“Without personal study or experience, most who read what is in this book, destabilized by arrogant ignorance, will balk at
the facts. The controlling oligarchs have made certain that little information regarding this concepts revealed herein has
reached the mass public.  (Have you ever noticed that modern television and movies transmits no useful facts. Instead the
media are transmission belts for daily barrages of intimidatory and misleading propaganda.) At a time when the majority of
citizens is incensed by the obvious price gouging of greedy oil company robber barons, they observe daily that nowhere
in the government paid for by their tax dollars is a single voice being raised to protect their interests. As they look around
them, the white majority, for example realize that they don’t have even one organization that represents the best interests
of European origined whites. On the other hand, America’s two most privileged races have thousands of organizations
representing their best interests daily before the US government and the world.
The story told in this e-book is the story of a small band of unscrupulous robber barons allied with the black racist
parasitic class to control most Americans as a servile, impoverished mass of wage slave serfs working to bankroll a group
of Marxist racist gangsters who have no sense of nationalism, history or race. They actively promote the type of
grotesque ghetto of racial and historical miscegenation necessary for controlling a nation of consuming impoverished
slaves bereft of an identity. Currently the whole empire of multi-diversity and politically correct thought control is held
together by threats, daily domination rituals, and a continuous barrage of media propaganda carried out by a monolithic
mass media. Already the American nation lives in fear and has bowed its head in submission.
A massive leftist media serves to reinforce and maintain the control of the leftist oligarchy. Although there is an
unbelievable barrage of advertising symbols in America and the world, and it is known that billions of dollars are involved
in their production, distribution and monitoring, the public has little cognizance of the impact that the media is having on
their inner and outer life. An ugly and sinister carnival of lies is broadcast daily to the public. It is decorated with the logos
and brand names of capitalistic conglomerates which are considered normal and even chic today. Thousands of classical
creations of music and art are debauched daily by their grotesque and swollen hands. Although America’s visual space is
cluttered with ad-copy and billboards, few in authority raise a murmur against it. In professional circles, the inverted
pyramidal structure of profiteering, monolithic, Marxist-capitalist corporations prevents those in even close association
with the advertising business from seeing its inner workings.”
Excerpt from Leftist Feudalism, America
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