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Leftists Terrorism Methods
Lone Wolf Sabotage
Leftist Technical Assaults
Edited by: Wolf Steiner
© 2009
256 pages; 15 chapters
Wolf Steiner and the Zero Jihad Organization have researched the activities of
leftist organizations that are engaged in terrorist sabotage and other
anti-American assaults. If you want to know
how leftist subversion works right
now in the USA, this book will answer some of your questions.
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“When carrying out reconnaissance, never barge up to the perimeter fence and start taking photos! Approach any site
with caution. Check for the presence of alarm systems, closed circuit TV (CCTV) cameras, security patrols, guard dogs,
or even infrared/microwave motion detectors mounted in the open ground or inside buildings. If you discover any security
precautions, you will have to find a way to bypass these systems.
You should also be aware that there is increasing use of CCTV in towns across the UK. If you have to drive or walk
through an area with CCTV to reach the target, then they only have to check the tapes to get your mugshot/car
Also, because of the threat of sabotage, it is possible that equipment may be alarmed - equipment similar to car alarms is
relatively simple to fit to earth movers, and fitting building security systems to a barn or equipment compound is not that
difficult. As a general precaution the first thing I do when confronted with an earth mover is check for alarms. I disconnect
any horns or sirens first before doing anything else. Even then, use caution when working. Things which have easy
external access are unlikely to be alarmed - but lift the bonnet and all hell could break loose. Even when things have
been alarmed there are ways around the problem - filling the alarm siren full of mastic for example.”
Excerpt from Lone Wolf Sabotage
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Within America, Islamic terrorism is focused on murdering the innocent. Most
leftist terrorism is sabotage in the form of anti-equipment terrorism
Anti-equipment terrorism is a technical type of terrorism that requires tools.
leftist terrorist, unlike the demons of Islamic terrorism, uses tools to
the property of people and their businesses. Leftist anti-equipment
is frequently carried out by an individual. Such hate-filled lone wolves seek
to impoverish white families and businesses by carrying out
sabotage raids as part
of their anti-equipment terrorism
. Since leftists usually carry out anti-equipment
terrorism as lone wolf operations
, they are hard to catch. Make no mistake, every
day hundreds of
acts of leftist lone wolf sabotage are carried out all over America.
The reader of this book will gain a precise understanding of the
ways leftist
anti-equipment terrorism and sabotage differs from Islamic terrorism
Zero Jihad, Anti-Terroism Movement
Leftist Tools of Sabotage: Anti Equipment Terrorism