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Man Tracking
Man Tracking
An Introduction to Tracking Human Quarry
© 2009
114 pages; 10 chapters and 2 appendixes
Man Tracking offers a well thought out introduction to tracking
human quarry
across various types of terrain. It is well illustrated
and employs common sense, jargon-free rhetoric to communicate
with readers.
Man Tracking is an e-book that is a valuable tool for
anyone just getting started in
tracking or who is seeking to upgrade
rusty skill sets. Armed with what has been learned from
, the reader will be able to track and also prepare himself
for our forthcoming e-book,
Advanced Man Tracking.
Review Table of Contents
“When searching for sign, look to the ground 3 to 4 meters in front of you until the signs are picked up. At that
distance, move the eyes and head from side to side looking for anything that is unnatural or has disturbed the insect,
animal life, undergrowth or ground.
Observation is best done close to the ground so that the sunlight or shadows can assist with enhancing the sign. Most
importantly, look through the undergrowth not at it.
When looking for movement, it is best to concentrate on one single area at a time allowing any movement to attract
the eye.”
Excerpt from Man Tracking

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Man Tracking