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Manila Urban Defense, 1945 - Japanese Defensive Fortifications & Tactics
Manila Urban Defense, 1945
Japanese Defensive Fortifications and Tactics
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105 pages; 6 chapters
Manila Urban Defense, 1945 is an e-book that details the brutal Japanese
defense of Manila
. In that improvised Manila Urban Defense, 1945, an ad
hoc group of
Japanese Navy and Army Units first prepared Manila with an
intricate system of forts and mines, which were reminiscent of Stalingrad. When
several American divisions arrived expecting a cakewalk, they found the
Japanese to be expert city fighters. Manila Urban Defense, 1945 explains in
detail, with numerous drawings of
Japanese fornications and photographs, the
fierce battle that ensued.
Manila Urban Defense, 1945 is told from the
Japanese standpoint and is replete with numerous city fighting tricks and tactics
that are useful today.
Review Table of Contents
“As US forces approached the city the Japanese adopted a plan of defense which was based on the Walled City as the
inner stronghold. This core was surrounded by a rough semi-circular formation of public buildings, garrisoned and
prepared for defense. Slightly to the rear of these buildings were other strong points. These positions consisted of a
series of well-constructed pill boxes so placed as to utilize the protection afforded by existing obstacles, machine gun, anti-
tank and rifle-fire. While the defenders utilized prepared positions, the defense itself was largely one of small units, which
were imperfectly coordinated. As the enemy areas became further compressed the lack of integration became more
apparent. Groups of defenders became isolated in the large fortified public buildings. This, however, did not entirely
preclude the shifting of some personnel by underground tunnels and above ground communications trenches, from one
building to another and some measure of mutual support.”
Excerpt from Manila Urban Defense, 1945
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Manila Urban Defense, 1945 - Japanese Defensive Fortifications & Tactics