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ManTracker Warfighter is the fusion of combat and tracking
ManTracker Warfighter
The Fusion of Tracking and Combat
© 2009
262 pages, 32 chapters and 2 appendixes
Few book are available that explain the skills and mindsets to be a combat
. Those few obsolescent texts seem to think that trackers are tiny
little assets that must be protected by guard teams. The e-book
takes another tact, because ManTracker Warfighter is the
fusion of combat and tracking. In ManTracker Warfighter you will
discover the concept of the combat pursuit unit that distributes its
and combat skills
in accordance with the German Army’s Einheit and
Fingersptizengefühl principles.
ManTracker  Warfighter is a cutting-edge
innovation which is, in effect, a new and modern direction for
At the same time
ManTracker Warfighter eschews the obsolescent
mandates of high technology as it embraces the skills of the most lethal
combined arms fighting team extant, the humancentric pursuit column.
Admittedly, the concept of
mantracker warfighter bitch slaps the
“transformation of the army” and its high tech foolishness. Man is the
supreme warrior on every battlefield and
Mantracker Warfighter is the way.
Review Table of Contents
“It is time for tracker concepts to become integrated into the most powerful war fighting concepts. No longer should the
tracker or tracker team exist as a separate entity in warfighting. High technology, the coward’s way of losing wars, must be
relegated to third place in the military hierarchy, behind men and trained professionalism. For the best concepts of
integrated, combined arms warfighting, we must turn to the basic warfighting principles of the Wehrmacht. It is those
concepts of military organization that should guide the fusion of mantracking and combat.
The Einheit (unit) principle, which provides that any given arm or service will develop a number of standard unit groups,
each with standard organization, leadership, training, and equipment. The unit group is an organic entity, capable of
operating independently and self-sufficient both for tactical and administrative purposes. Within a given branch or service,
each basic type of unit group will represent a different combination of the various components (or weapons) of that branch
or service. The Einheit principle of organization has several advantages. Obviously the supply and replacement of
equipment can be more readily geared to a few standard types of units. The training and tactical employment of a given
type of unit can be standardized, and directed with uniformity. Above all, the existence of these basic type-units, each so
composed as to serve a different function, permits easy organization of any desired type of larger unit. the Einheit system
is excellently designed to facilitate the construction of task forces, made up of different amounts of necessary arms and
services, in terms of the basic units of each arm or service required for a given mission.”
Excerpt from ManTracker Warfighter

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ManTracker Warfighter is the fusion of combat and tracking