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Masculine Beauty Contestants
Masculine Beauty Contestants
"Ideally, skinny and masculinized high-fashion models would occupy their own niche, i.e., fashion shows, and have
little impact elsewhere, but this is difficult to realize in practice.  The importance of being well-dressed requires no
comment, and aesthetically pleasing clothing is desired by almost all people.  Glamour models that pose naked have
limited mainstream appeal – and thereby impact on women – because nude modeling is not acceptable in
mainstream society, such models usually appear in men’s publications that women are generally not interested in,
and some men, too, do not involve themselves much with men’s publications for a number of reasons, including
religious reasons.  Fitness models and female bodybuilders are unlikely to have as significant an impact on women
as high-fashion models do because many people have no interest in exercising if not an aversion to it.  Besides,
some women who exercise do so primarily for improving on or maintaining their looks rather than primarily for health
or fitness reasons or exercising for the sake of exercising, and if the major motive behind exercising on the part of
some women is improving one’s looks, then a number of such women will be more influenced by the top-ranked
female models in mainstream society, who mostly happen to be high-fashion models, than lower-ranked models such
as fitness models.  Additionally, a number of fitness models are too masculine in terms of muscle mass, and female
bodybuilders are often more muscular than many men, i.e., fitness models and female bodybuilders are unlikely to
have a major impact on women in general.  Therefore, high-fashion models are in a much better position to have a
significant impact on women compared to other models such as glamour models, fitness models or female
Masculine Beauty Contestants is an e-book that describes the fact that big time
beauty contestants are becoming more and more masculine looking. Many people
have noticed the large number of
masculine beauty contestants at Miss World and
other international
beauty contests, but passed it off as their own imagination.
However, it is true the
contestants at major beauty contests are looking more and
more like men and less like women. The ebook
Masculine Beauty Contestants
describes in great detail not only
how to separate feminine beauty from masculine
but also who is behind the explosion of masculine beauty contestants. It is
no accident that homosexual males control fashion industry model selection and
. They use their power to insure that more and more female contestants
look like men
. That is why Masculine Beauty Contestants includes many photos
and drawings comparing accepted values of feminine beauty by real beauty experts to
the many masculine looking women who now dominate
beauty contests.
Are the Females Male?
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424 pages; 9 chapters
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Masculine Beauty Contestants