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Mau Mau African Tribal Terror
Mau Mau Terror
African Terrorist Uprising, Kenya
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213 pages; 27 chapters
Mau Mau Terror is an e-book that describes the terror and murderous savagery
of the bloody
African Mau Maus in the early 1950s. Mau Mau Terror is the story
of a uniquely sinister African bush cult that was focused more on a salacious blood lust
than the liberation aspirations subscribed to it by leftist journalists. In spite of leftist
black racist propaganda depicting
Mau Mau mass murder as justifiable, the British
Army and people, only a few years after World War II, were not susceptible to
fraudulent sophistry.
Mau Mau Terror takes the reader into darkest Africa where,
under the macabre influence of ancient satanic bush gods, an African blood cult
seized the imagination of an entire
African tribal community. The same African
tribal murder frenzy
now observable on the city streets of Liberia, Sierra Leone,
Zimbabwe and South Africa seized several tribes of Kenya. Those African tribal killers
under the aegis of
Mau Mau terror joyously murdered hated white families with the
familiar body-chopping panga.
Mau Mau Terror captures the dark terror of that Mau
Mau era in Africa
with stark objectivism and no apologies for blood letting.
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“They came at night. At first, they were seen as dark sinister shadows silhouetted against the mists seeping out of the
dark forest. Then as they drew near, the dark forms were recognizable as men and women. Each had an “X” in blood
drawn on their crazed faces as they muttered their lust for blood. The moonlight glinted off their bush knives and pangas
as they glided silently towards their quarry.
A vicious Mau Mau attack on January 24, 1953, claimed the Rucks, a liberal English family, who had always dealt with
their black employees in a fair-minded and respectable manner. They even supported a free medical clinic for local
Africans at their own expense.
The bodies of the husband, wife, and their six-year old son were found so hacked and ripped as to be nearly
unrecognizable as human beings. Some of the child’s flesh was missing and bite marks were everywhere on his body.
Later it was learned that African men and women who had been in the Rucks' employ for many years had been zealous
participants in the slaughter of the English family.”
Excerpt from Mau Mau Terror
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Mau MAu Terror Attack