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German Army vs. Soviet Partisans on the Eastern Front
German Army vs. Soviet Partisans
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Meeting Engagements: Encounter Battle 1939-1965
Meeting Engagements
Encounter Battle 1939-1965
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270 pages; 17 chapters
Meeting Engagements is an e-book that provides very
interesting information on
encounter battles from 1939-1965.
Meeting Engagements are encounter battles that occur
when two enemy formations meet each other head-on, on the
battlefield. Only some World War II armies and the Soviet Union
ever really studied and became adept at
Engagements combat
. The e-book, Meeting Engagements,
provides the reader with hard to find information on a subject,
encounter battles, which the US armed forces ignore. In fact
Meeting Engagements is the only book
extant on the subject in America.
Review Table of Contents
"The Soviets do not limit the term "mobility" simply to the maneuver and the speed necessary to move from point A to
point B. Rather they look upon the term as representing a measure of a commander's efficiency in conducting a battle
from beginning to end. It includes all the inherent decision-making processes with changing instructions and shifts in
organization. Technology has had a profound impact on the ability of troops to move rapidly (personnel carriers,
self-propelled artillery, helicopters), and this speed decreased the time commanders and staffs of all units will have to
make appraisals of battle situations.
The rate of advance phrase deserves special consideration. The daily speed goals established in the tactics of the
1960's, when nuclear warfare was considered the only option, varied from 97 to 121 kilometers. More recent writings
scale down these figures roughly fifty percent to "29 kilometers in a conventional role and 58 kilometers in a nuclear
environment." (Where miles have been converted to kilometers, a conversion factor of one kilometer = .621 mile has
been used.)"
Excerpt from Meeting Engagements
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Meeting Engagements: Encounter Battle 1939-1965