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MG-34 German Machine Gun
MG-34 German Machine Gun
The 2nd Best Machine Gun, 1943
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71 pages; 9 chapters
MG-34 German Machine Gun is a US military manual and e-book on the care and
employment of the
MG-34 German Machine Gun. The MG-34 was the second most
German Wehrmacht machine gun of World War II. Although it was replaced
by the MG-42, it was still a weapon better than nearly all other
machine guns in the
world. If you want to know all about the
MG-34 German Machine Gun this e-book is for
Review Table of Contents
“Do not attempt to fire this gun with ammunition issued only for United States weapons, as it will damage the gun and
injure the operator. Use only enemy ammunition or other ammunition specifically authorized by ordnance personnel.
Before using any ammunition, make certain the ammunition and belt are clean and free of all traces of sand and dust.
The mechanism of the gun is very sensitive to dust or sand. When the gun is not in action, keep the dust cover (fig. 2) on
the ejection opening closed.
It is dangerous to investigate a feed stoppage or malfunction by raising the feed cover without first cocking the gun or
retaining a hold on the cocking handle. Should a live round remain in the chamber, the raising of the feed cover would
allow the bolt to continue forward to fire the round, thus causing damage. Should a stoppage occur during firing, cock the
gun and move the safety to SAFE. Then push the feed cover catch forward, raise the feed cover, and lift out the belt. If
the gun cannot be cocked, apply a backward pull on the cocking handle and, at the same time, raise the feed cover and
remove the belt.
The gun can then be cocked. Unload the gun before transporting the gun from one place to another.”
Excerpt from MG-34 German Machine Gun
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MG-34 German Machine Gun