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Military Intel Unveiled - Eternal Verities of War
Military Intel Unveiled
Eternal Verities of War (by Colonel Jean-Charles Augustin Bernis)
© 2012
201 pages; 5 chapters
Military Intel Unveiled, which contains thoughtful principles and concepts
originally published under another name by a French author about fifty years
ago, is far more useful today that the drivel put out by US
. Although, US Military Intelligence is known as the worst in
the world, international parasite nations of an equally dubious intellectual
nature choose US
Military Intelligence as their model in order to qualify for
more aid. This
Military Intel Unveiled e-book is one of a number produced
by QuikManeuvers.com with the intent of filling the intelligence vacuum
created by US
Military Intelligence incompetence and corruption. Military
is as useful now as it was decades ago. In fact, Military Intel
is a teaching e-book. If you read it, you will begin to understand
Military Intelligence really is, and how it can be successfully employed.
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"Such an operation is possible to the commander only if he is in possession of certain given quantities fixing a limit to the
strength of the efforts with which the enemy may oppose him. It he has no given quantities on the subject, he will never
be able to know if the combination which he has in mind is capable of triumphing over the enemy opposition; the
operation of war will present itself to him always as a gambling proposition, exposed to all the hazards no matter what
covering stakes he may put up. Information of the enemy, which is at the base of the works by which the limit of the
enemy possibilities, is therefore of paramount interest.
It appears, with evidence to prove it, that the commander should not accept for introduction into his calculations this
given quantity fixing the limits of the possibilities of the enemy if it is not a solid foundation upon which he can build with
the most absolute certainty of not introducing into his conception any of the hazards inadmissible in such matters. This
given quantity will not present the indispensable character of absolute certainty if it is the result of deductions in which
sentiment has a place of equal weight with reason and if these deductions themselves have as an origin information
which does not present the same degree of absolute certainty.
Accordingly at the base of the documentation of the commander relative to the enemy, we must have only certain
material statements serving as bases for logical deductions or exact calculations to the exclusion of impressions,
sentimental opinions, convictions serving as bases or, indifferently, as conclusions to interpretations where the art of
guessing has an equal place with reason. Lacking this essential character -certainty - intelligence is nothing but a "tip".
On such a tip a private individual has the right to risk his fortune gambling; a general does not have the right to risk the
fate of the Fatherland."
Excerpt from Military Intel Unveiled
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Military Intel Unveiled - Eternal Verities of War