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Algerian FLN Organization in the French Algerian War
Military Intelligence Templating
Military Intelligence Battlefield Failures
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138 pages; 7 chapters and 1 appendix
There are many books available that criticize US Army and US armed
Military Intelligence. However, Military Intelligence
goes beyond all of those books. It provides an
integrated, coherent and simple description of not only the horrific
incompetence of US armed forces military intelligence but also
provides a unique
description of military intelligence’s use of
the terribly flawed Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield
Most people don’t understand
Intelligence Preparation of the
because they cannot believe that grown men, ostensible
professionals, would buy into such a Rube Goldberg device.
According to
Military Intelligence Templating, Intelligence
Preparation of the Battlefield
has remained a monstrous
aberration that has
nullified any possible military intelligence
innovation and thinking
for decades. Yet the saps who run that
albatross won’t jettison it.
Military Intelligence Templating tells
how the fraud works, day in and day out.
Review Table of Contents
“In the Persian Gulf War and thereafter, American military intelligence was dominated by the intelligence theory know as
Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield (IPB). The IPB is supposed to be "...a continuous process of studying and
analyzing the battlefield before and during a battle..." The system is also supposed to "...assist the commander in 'seeing'
the battlefield and determining the enemy's capabilities and probable courses of action..." Those objective are admirable,
yet IPB proved to be a slow and rigid system which failed in the Arabian Desert. "...the intelligence preparation of the
battlefield called for in our doctrine was defunct..."  
American military intelligence describes foreign combat unit deployment arrays as symmetrical force dispositions. A
"template" school has grown up from that symmetrical orientation which insists that enemy battlefield behavior is a function
of its order of battle constrained by terrain limitations or facilitation of mobility. Supposedly his relationship can be charted
as a series of lines, carefully calculated according to what is known about enemy doctrinal guidance regarding typical unit
frontage and depth, and tailored to various map scales.  "Templating is a method to provide an estimate of reality when
some of the facts are known...templating provides a method to determine the optimum...when less than everything about
the environment is known..."
The "Intelligence Preparation of The Battlefield" (IPB) predictive model is now the doctrinal sine qua non of American
military intelligence. If an American G-2 or S-2 (division or battalion intelligence officer) is asked, "what will the Russkis do
next?,"  he will just fumble with some plastic templates on his map sheet and thus "predict" Soviet intentions, and even
“precise deployment schemes, including axes of advance.”
Is such expertise possible? Has American military intelligence solved the reconnaissance-intelligence problem? The answer
to those questions must be based upon an understanding and analysis of the IPB system.
In the early 1980's, civilian researchers at the US Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences and the
US Army Intelligence Center and School, formed a committee. They sought to intelligence analyst's ability to produce
better analysis. Their thinking was based on Nobel laureate Herbert Simon's conclusion that human judgment is limited and
therefore must be assisted.  Simon theorized that people needed the right cognitive or logical tools in order to make a
good judgment.”
Excerpt from Military Intelligence Templating

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