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Military Leadership
American Vietnam War Traitors
How Leftist Politicians, Media and the Democratic Party Sabotaged America During The Vietnam War

Center of Gravity
Strategy, Operational Art and Maneuver War

High Command
The Psychology of Generalship

How Traitors Betrayed Rhodesia
The Story of Sabotage By Rhodesians Who Were Working For Rhodesia’s Enemies

How Assault Infantry Carries Out Deep Penetration Strikes

Pursuit Commandos
The French Army Defeats Muslim Terrorism, 1954-62

Red Star Over Africa
South Africa’s War Against African Marxism

Streets of Fire
Defending Villages

Thunder on the Euphrates
Secrets of the Persian Gulf War

Traitors in the CIA
Traditional Incompetence or Disloyalty?

Traitors of the Third Reich
The Real Reason Why Germany Lost WW2

How To Be A Modern Combat General