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Military Skiing - How to Military Ski
Military Skiing
How to Military Ski
© 2008
61 pages; 3 chapters
Military Skiing is an excellent e-book for learning all about military skiing. It
is copiously illustrated with numerous pictures illustrating every point in the e-
book. With
Military Skiing, the reader can learn and understand all the tips
and techniques of military skiing
. It’s all there, the biting winds of the winter
combined with the exhilaration of skiing into battle along some snowy mountain
Review Table of Contents
“Skills associated with downhill skiing are much more difficult to attain than those for cross-country movement.
Alpine training time can be reduced drastically, however, by using the most modern equipment and training
As soon as troops have attained satisfactory skill levels at both Alpine and Nordic skiing, exercises are conducted
as often as possible. These exercises test newly acquired military skiing skills under combat training conditions.
This circular (e-book) outlines a ski-training program of 26 hours divided into three (3) phases. Lesson content
makes use of the most up-to-date instructional techniques available.
PHASE ONE - Basic Movement; PHASE TWO - Downhill Movement; PHASE THREE - Tactical Skiing.
Phase II develops balance, confidence and motivation within the student soldier and promotes early mastering of
Phase III skills. Attempting to place Phase III ahead of Phase II for a more traditional military approach to training
will lengthen the required training time and may actually inhibit learning Phase II skills.”
Excerpt from Military Skiing
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Military Skiing - How to Military Ski