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CIA in Afghanistan and CIA Nam fiascos
Mirror Imaging
The CIA's Espionage Psychology
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313 pages; 12 chapters and 2 appendixes
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“There is an ongoing CIA-sponsored strategic deception operation directed against the American public. That
deception’s primary theme is that the
United States Central Intelligence Agency is both capable and trustworthy. The
chief source of the CIA’s power, the deception claims, is the existence of a high technological satellite and computer
capability which the CIA does not actually possess. Yet the lie is transmitted in the form of domestic propaganda
through "authentic" action adventure movies, "nonfiction" literature, "scholarly journals," and weekly televised dramas.
The proof is at hand, two of the most outrageous lies currently promulgated by American media are claims that the CIA
and FBI are capable of doing their jobs. The public has forgotten the incompetence displayed by the
CIA in Afghanistan
and CIA’s Nam fiasco
real CIA, an incompetent, high-tech-dependent, research and propaganda agency, has been more accurately
described by Angelo Codevilla in his book, Informing Statecraft: Intelligence for a New Century. Codevilla has pointed out
that CIA high tech, "...cloak-and-daggery attempting to gauge the performance of Soviet weaponry has cost billions, but
one captured Soviet tank turned over to us by the Israelis was of greater value than all..." the CIA technical reports
available.  Codevilla has offered comprehensive evidence proving that: "...The CIA fail(s) so signally to report accurately
on the Soviet Union because
those it employed to intercept mountains of data frequently had come no closer to that
country than a Harvard Russian Studies course
. Long after the impending collapse of the Soviet economy was more than
mene mene tekel upharsin on the Kremlin wall, the United States Central Intelligence Agency was insisting on its
soundness. When it was clear that Gorbachev could not survive,
CIA was still counseling President Bush to prop him up
and to jettison Boris Yeltsin. In Moscow, Bush brushed aside the Ukrainian independence movement, describing it as
mere 'local despotism.' In this, of course, he was pursuing the same kind of determined
CIA ignorance that he had
shown as its director when he informed Congress, at a time when million were on the verge of starvation, that there was
'no malnutrition in China.'..." "
Excerpt from Mirror Imaging
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Discover why a description of highly placed traitors, or Soviet “moles,”
working from within American intelligence, diplomatic and military circles, was unavoidable. Their insidious patterns are
revealed by torturously shadowing the spoor of accused
CIA moles. That evidence is juxtaposed against proof of
strange relationships and working agreements involving the
CIA, the US State Department, and Soviet/Muslim
intelligence cliques. Insufficiencies of the
CIA analyst system, and its strange relationships to inadequate space-based
intelligence, are unveiled in detailed chapters.
Central Intelligence Agency cover-ups, including examples of public
propaganda by
CIA-influenced journalists, are reported as never before. Not forgotten is grim confirmation of CIA
internal inconsistencies
including disarmament advocacy, deception susceptibility, and love-fear relationships with
foreign intelligence agencies. The story of the CIA in Afghanistan and CIA Nam misadventures is absolutely
unconscionable. Many hitherto ignored aspects of the
CIA’s “false science” corruption of the “Great Game” of
will be offered to the reader including: explorations of the muddled thinking about capabilities versus
intentions; comparison of real vs. fraudulent doctrines of
espionage; the secrets of intelligence analysts; maneuver
espionage; the waste of continuing high tech boondoggles; and the traitor elites within the Central Intelligence
. The reader will become able to employ the Soviet “Rules of Conspiracy” to detect moles burrowed deep
within an agency that previously favored the communists, and now favors imperialistic Muslimism.
CIA Psychology - Mirror Imaging
A terrible record of intelligence failure has plagued the United States
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) for decades. Now you can trace
those serpentine failures with startlingly explicit evidence. A series of
well-documented chapters minutely
detail the CIA's institutional:
origins, outlook, doctrine, cliques, and operational methods. Shrouded
facts about the thinking and behavior of
CIA insiders, revealed, for
example, during the sensational Team B scandal, are precisely
recounted. The reasons for the
Central Intelligence Agency’s
aversion to human spies are contrasted with more effective KGB and
espionage doctrines.