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Miss World Beauty Pageant Masculinity: Who Defines Beauty Now?
Miss World Beauty Pageant Masculinity
"If asked to explain how a high profile beauty contest can feature women as in the examples, Miss World
Organization will simply dismiss the assertion that its pageant participants mostly have unimpressive looks and that
too many of them have excessive masculinization.  However, if Miss World Organization could be made to confront
anthropological evidence regarding masculinity-femininity, compare its white pageant participants with the attractive
white women shown within this ebook and be forced to explain the looks of its pageant participants, it will likely pass
the blame to the nations sending women to the Miss World pageant.  On the other hand, beauty pageant
organizations in different nations select women for the Miss World pageant using criteria that are most likely to have
their women emerge on top in the pageant.  So who is responsible for these criteria?
It is easy to see that the high prevalence of unimpressive looks among the pageant participants can be blamed upon
political correctness and masculinization in many contestants.  Those who have read this ebook well enough should
have no difficulty explaining the high prevalence of masculinization among the pageant participants, namely that
pageant contestants are judged using physical appearance standards that approach the looks of women having the
highest status among models, i.e., high-fashion models, and the typical masculine looks of high-fashion models
result from the homosexual domination of the top ranks of the fashion business."
Miss World Beauty Pageant Masculinity is a shocking ebook that focuses
Miss World beauty contests and the numerous masculine women
that now dominate what should be a contest of
feminine beauty. Miss World
Beauty Pageant Masculinity
explains the sinister domination of international
beauty contests by fanatic homosexuals who are busily converting such
contests into
masculine transvestite-like frauds. Miss World Beauty
Pageant Masculinity
is an eye opener and a shocker, as it courageously
reveals how power-mad homosexuals are successfully removing
from international beauty contests, because they have usurped the
authority to define what is
feminine beauty. Miss World Beauty Pageant
reveals why the bizarre taste of homosexuals for masculinity in
female beauty contests has gone beyond fantasy to facts. The point made in
Miss World Beauty Pageant Masculinity, with a plethora of photographic
evidence, is that most contests are now
masculine and are expressing
homosexual taste that contradicts all objective measures of beauty, as well as
the essential purpose of
female beauty contests.
Who Defines Beauty Now?
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184 pages; 11 chapters
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Excerpt from Miss World Beauty Pageant Masculinity
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Miss World Beauty Pageant Masculinity: Who Defines Beauty Now?