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Vietnam War Moles, Traitors and Hard Left Agents of Influence
Moles and Amateurs
US Vietnam Warfighting Strategy
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286 pages; 13 chapters and 2 appendixes
Few of the many books written about the Vietnam War during the past decade deal with
warfighting strategy. Books on American intelligence and warfighting talk about
espionage training, espionage techniques and counter espionage. Such books
only offer some apology or rationalization for the failure of American arms, encapsulating
arguments in a fog of leftist generalities. They ignore the
importance of American
leftist traitors and espionage to every war the US
has been involved in since 1941.
Any talk of espionage training, espionage techniques and counter espionage is
worthless without
any attention to the influence of traitors or moles within the
US government.
This book is a departure from the kind of military literature that shrinks from offering the
reader painful truth, while boring him with distorted analysis.
Moles and Amateurs
jargon-free narration facilitates understanding by non-military readers. A framework is
provided to enable the general readership to understand the most important aspects of
Vietnam War, from two NVA (North Vietnamese Army) experiential perspectives: the First Indochina War and the
Second Indochina War. The real war in Vietnam was
the Laos Vietnam War, the Vietnam War, Ho Chi Minh Trail.
American moles and traitors controlled that war. This fearlessly revealing book kicks over the rocks, and captures
for examination, the slimy scum that crawls out. For the first time, the strategic incompetence of the
US leadership
during the Vietnam War
is precisely recounted. The moles and other traitors who sabotaged the US war effort
are also explained and identified.  In
Moles and Amateurs traitors are not able to deflect attention away from betrayal
and towards
espionage training, espionage techniques and counter espionage. Quit whining about the Vietnam
War…learn what really happened.
Review Table of Contents
”For the past seventy years, the ruling establishments of western nations such as Britain, the United States, South Africa
and Rhodesia have, knowingly or unknowingly, harbored at their very core individuals who operated under a cloak of
great secrecy as active agents of first the Soviet Union and now Muslim imperialism. Those members of the
Hard Left
and, at their core, the Ultra-Hard Left are among the most dangerous enemies of humanity
extant. Within the United
States, such elements dominate the mass media, leftist litigation groups, and front organizations who are at war with
America. Most American
leftist agents of influence during the Vietnam era sympathized with, or remained obedient to,
the international policy imperatives of the Soviet Union. They were careful not to entertain any aberrations of the Leninist
doctrine of caution and dissimulation.  
Leftist agents of influence discipline themselves to neither operate too openly
nor reveal themselves too visibly.  Hard left orchestrated active measures adhered to that "clandestinity demanded by
Lenin of true believers operating within a bourgeoisie society."
Whether a war is against the Soviet Union, North Vietnam or Muslim Imperialism, the final endkampf will be
unless the leftist traitors and moles are cleaned out.
America in 2006 has no agency motivated towards, or capable of,
bringing such enemies to justice. The War against Muslim Imperialism is a repeat of the
Vietnam War. Traitors will
decide the issue! By the same token, the real war in Vietnam was the Laos Vietnam War
, the Vietnam War, Ho Chi Minh
Trail. American leftist traitors made sure that war was lost.
Agents of influence are simultaneously deception and intelligence assets because they act in two capacities:
information collection and situational influence.
Agents of influence carry out "active measures" which include a wide
variety of influence operations that obviously help America’s enemies while harming the United States national interest."...
While the term '
agent of influence,' is normally used for individuals engaged in influence operations rather than those
who collect intelligence, in some cases the same agents are used for both..."
The real war in Vietnam was the Laos
Vietnam War, the Vietnam War, Ho Chi Minh Trail”
Excerpt from Moles and Amateurs
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