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Moscow Rules - The Spy Manual for Espionage Tradecraft
Moscow Rules
KGB Clandestinity Methods
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117 pages; 21 chapters
Espionage experts and intelligence students alike have probably encountered
the term
“Moscow Rules” in their study. The term refers to the most excellent and
guidelines for espionage network functioning, tradecraft and
conspiratorial clandestinity
, ever devised. That is the promise of Moscow Rules,
a spy manual, originated in the conspiratorial history of the very sinister Soviet
Union. Any American
espionage researcher will find nothing substantial about the
Moscow Rules” in any available intelligence literature. Certainly the American
CIA, DIA and FBI are completely ignorant of it. That is why QuikManeuvers’
is so important. It is a spy manual that provides a useful segment of Soviet
tradecraft to the espionage student.  Moscow Rules is a spy manual, a useful
intelligence handbook and an august compilation of workable Soviet tradecraft.
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“Soviet konspiratsia was created in the crucible of the Bolshevik revolution of 1890-1917. It denoted the methods used
to assemble anti-government groups without being apprehended by the police. In reality, Soviet konspiratsia was
tradecraft for espionage and subversion.
Soviet konspiratsia stemmed from Jewish conspiracies against the Russian majority dating from the fifteenth century.
Jewish conspiracy system traditions profoundly affected the development of konspirata.
After 1917, there was formulated, an extensive list of conspiracy rules or habits of mind which protected international
communist espionage and subversion from detection and annihilation. Those rules constituted an aggressive psychology
of both double lives and double standards. The people who practiced the rules of conspiracy constituted an enemy
underground or covert inimical apparatus within both the Soviet Union and each targeted eastern and western nation.
The citizens of those nations who participated in the conspiracy were, and are, traitors...fit only for extermination!
Although international communist subversion and espionage operated thru moles, covert agents of influence, public
communist parties, leftist organizations, Moslem imperialists and sympathizers of every stripe from 1917-2012, all
international communist/Moslem conspiratorial activity of every sort was (and is?) managed and sparked by the Soviet
KGB and GRU espionage agencies or their heirs. In fact, all western communist and leftist parties and associations have
been systematically managed and exploited by Soviet or Russian intelligence agencies for over eighty years. Ironically,
every study, book, or public action identifying and combating that systematic conspiracy of nearly a hundred years
duration, was publicly ridiculed by pro-communist media and authority figures, and eventually discredited, within every
western target nation. They made it politically incorrect to even mention the word “communist”.”
Excerpt from Moscow Rules
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Moscow Rules - the Spy Manual of Intelligence and Espionage Tradecraft
Moscow Rules - the Spy Manual of Intelligence and Espionage Tradecraft