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Mossad Espionage, Israeli Intelligence
Mossad’s Espionage
Israeli Intelligence and Muslim Imperialism
© 2007
131 pages; 13 chapters
Mossad’s Espionage: Israeli Intelligence and Muslim Imperialism is an
introductory manuscript that describes the
organization and operations of
Israeli intelligence agencies, especially the Mossad
. The Mossad and
other Israeli intelligence agencies
are an important defender of
western civilization against muslim imperialism/terrorism
. Since Israeli
intelligence agencies
are far more effective than any other western
intelligence agency,
international leftists have carried on an anti-semitic war
against them for five decades. In
Mossad’s Espionage: Israeli Intelligence
and Muslim Imperialism
part of the truth will now be told. At the same time,
some of the psychotically outrageous lies told about
Israeli intelligence
are also exposed as frauds. Since 9/11, international leftists,
confident of an imminent muslim world takeover
, have revealed, like
never before, the bizarrely insane ignorance and hatred that drives them
forward. The left is a natural ally of
muslim imperialism because both groups
are ugly and evil enemies of Christianity, Jews, and Western civilization. On
the frontline of the war against the leftist/muslim thugocracy is the
thin line of
Israel intelligence, and especially the Mossad.
Review Table of Contents
“Using tactics that they perfected in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, Israeli intelligence agencies, and specifically the
Shin Bet, manipulated a seemingly benevolent policy as a back door to Lebanon and a fertile recruitment ground to recruit
informers and agents. As 1978 approached, though, the Mossad was focused on the Phalange connection, and
intelligence in the South was primarily run by the Shin Bet and AMAN, who began to have regular meetings in Northern
Command to run their Lebanese operations.
The operations in Lebanon were of two tiers; One, were the operations that were dedicated to obtaining information on the
dangerous Palestinian terrorist organizations that were based in Lebanon. This information was used for the targeted
liquidations of dangerously psychotic muslim murder-leaders in the pre-1978 period.
An example of such operations occurred on the 9th of April 1973, when thirty Israeli commandos landed at El-Ramleh El-
Beidah in Beirut. The Israelis conducted a three-pronged attack killing an unspecified number of Palestinian Fedayeen,
including three major DFLP leaders, and demolishing a PLO military facility.
Intelligence was used even more necessarily ruthless in the invasions of 1978 and 1982. The operations were mainly
focused on locating the leaders and commanders of the various Palestinian terrorist organizations, the counting and
locating of their military hardware, and to recruit or coerce muslims into acting as agents or informers. The latter task was a
vital objective made possible by the occupation of the muslim refugee camps in the South. Those camps were hot beds of
terrorist intrigue where a variety of muslim murder groups recruited killers.”
Excerpt from Mossad’s Espionage

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